NanoVi is great for cellular detox as Dr. Pompa explores with Rowena Gates in the latest episode of his Cellular Healing TV podcast.

This week Rowena Gates is interviewed for the 289th episode of Dr. Daniel Pompa’s Cellular Healing TV podcast. Rowena and Dr. Pompa discuss the role of cellular water in protein folding and function, the importance of protein function for cellular health, and the ways that NanoVi™ supports these cellular processes. Enjoy this episode of Cellular Healing TV.

Podcast Transcript>>

Dr. Pompa:
This episode of Cell TV—this is not a microphone. This is bringing ordered water or EZ water, AKA exclusion zone water, right into every cell in my body within nanoseconds. All right, this is a bio-hack you have to see because this affects all the five R’s. I’m telling you. We talk about some of the pro athletes who are using this technology to recover faster, age slower, not get injured, and we talk about a lot of different health conditions where they’re studying this technology. Look, many of you have heard about different waters, whether it’s structured water, ordered water, and now we’re talking about the fourth phase, literally. There’s four phases of water now.

Of course, we know ice. We know steam and regular water. This phase of water is what your cells order. It has everything to do with how you feel and every aspect of health. This is where you fold proteins, which is who you are. Look, this is a great show. Gerald Pollack and other scientists have really talked and make popular the fourth phase of water. On this show, we’re going to dig deep. I’m going to show you this device, and why I believe that this should be part of your healing. All right, I’ll see you on the show.