A Visit to Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Biohacking Lab

It was great to be at the October 11th launch of Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica. Earlier this summer, we were lucky to visit Dave Asprey at his Lab on Vancouver Island. After thinking about that visit, its still hard to say what is the coolest thing in Dave’s lab. By far it is Dave Asprey himself, but technically he doesn’t qualify as a ‘thing’. Regardless, we’ll acknowledge him for the ideal combination of a super sharp mind, great personality, and passion for health and biohacking.

Dave Asprey, Biohacking, Bulletproof, NanoVi

Dave Asprey discussing NanoVi while using it

Of course, we should say the coolest thing in the lab is our NanoVi™ device (because it is), but we already knew how great it was before visiting Bulletproof Lab. In a literal sense, there’s no question that Cryo Therapy was the coolest, with a 2-minute session dipping as low as 260 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit of course, since I survived and felt great).