NanoVi™ for Spas and Wellness Centers

The NanoVi™ is an easy-to-use device that perfectly complements existing spa treatments. It’s a safe and effective way to promote vitality and well-being while simultaneously creating new spa revenue. Spa managers love its effectiveness and the ability to offer it concurrently with other treatments.

The NanoVi™ device works as either a stand-alone service or as part of a package. It leaves clients feeling vital yet calm and relaxed. Many spas favor using the device paired with other treatments because clients see better results and have a more revitalizing spa experience.

A example of the ease of implementation and value of NanoVi™ in wellness centers is Medical Wellness Resort BIOLI.

Incorporating NanoVi™ into your practice

The NanoVi™ device is easy to use. The client inhales moist air from a the touch-free flexarm while they enjoy other spa services or simply relax.

Initiating a session is as simple as pressing the start button and the NanoVi™ device stops automatically when the session is complete. Clients may operate the device themselves, which minimizes the need for staff attendance and allows for an uninterrupted spa experience. Prepaid SmartCards can be used to manage access to the device, which is especially helpful when the it is placed an open area like a relaxation room. The NanoVi™ device is easily moved between treatment areas on a cart and requires only a small amount of space.

Eng3 offers complete support and training for implementation. Your staff can be ready to introduce and operate the NanoVi™ device in a few hours or less.

Request information and pricing

If you would like information or would like pricing please use our Contact Form (USA only). This information will be sent immediately. If you do not see a response in your email, please check your spam filter. If you would like to determine how the NanoVi™ is implemented in centers similar to yours feel free to call or email us.

What spa and wellness professionals say

The NanoVi Pro™ device has become a key part of our spa services. It helps differentiate us from competition, attract new business and make other treatments more effective so customers see better results.
K.B., Spa Director

NanoVi™ is an effective way to help people regenerate, repair and recover. It fits perfectly with our vision of an advanced health center, focused on measuring and improving cellular health… After several sessions with the NanoVi™, guests’ oxidative stress and overall well-being is improved. They say things like “after the session I feel more energized and refreshed” or “it makes me calm and relaxed”.
N.N., MD at Medical Resort

I have watched people literally grow younger or recover very quickly after surgery when using the NanoVi™. But what really sold me was the effect it has on sleep…Deep, restful sleep is essential for rejuvenation and healing — and also for beautiful skin.
Donna Gates, International Best-Selling Author and Wellness Educator

I have clients who don’t want to leave the spa without using this device. It gives them a boost of energy that they wouldn’t want to go without.
M.A., Spa Owner

I have been using the NanoVi device as an adjunct in my weight loss practice for the past 6 months. The results have exceeded my expectations. The patients are seeing their weight come off easily and they feel relaxed and calm as well. The best part is that there are absolutely no unwanted side effects. I purchased additional machines for both myself and my parents.
D. Jeyaraj, MD, Owner, Texas Age Management and Weight Loss

This device enables our weight loss protocol. It gives people the extra energy they need to feel good on a restricted calorie diet.
J.K., MD and Wellness Center Operator

We have been using the NanoVi regularly for over a year now, personally and with clients in our massage and wellness center. It makes skin, nails, hair grow & glow! My doctor told me I looked better than I ever have at age 63! The NanoVi makes an easy add-on during massage sessions as well as with our other wellness services.
M. Schaeffer, Owner, Synergy Massage & Wellness Center

It is easy to see why leading spas offer the Eng3 device in conjunction with massage. It makes a real difference in the effectiveness of bodywork and clients love the experience.
B.D., Massage Therapist

We are so impressed with the NanoVi™ device. Clients love it and want to do a session before other spa treatments. They recognize that it helps the body work better.
M.N., Spa Owner

I have clients who don’t want to leave the spa without using this device. It gives them a boost of energy that they wouldn’t want to go without.
M. Anderson, Day Spa Owner