Frequently Asked Questions about NanoVi™, Bio-Identical Signaling, Concentrated Oxygen, and Oxygen Therapy

How much does the NanoVi™ device cost?

Due to an agreement with international resellers, we do not list prices on our website. To discuss purchasing options, please call +1 206 525 0227 or click here to request pricing.

Who uses bio-identical signaling?

Our customers include doctors and health-conscious people who are interested in anti-aging, preventing disorders, enhancing energy, recovering from illness or better management of chronic diseases. Athletes seeking peak performance, faster recovery times and improved immune function are also dedicated users this technology.

Are there any dangers of using the device?

Absolutely none. Breathing with the device is just like the breathing you do every day, only better because it boosts oxidative response at the cellular level. Bio-identical signaling helps trigger natural repair mechanisms, supporting rather than overriding the body’s natural ability to function.

Does the NanoVi™ device deliver concentrated oxygen?

No, the oxygen level is the same as regular air, about 21%. In some acute situations, concentrated oxygen such as in hyperbaric chambers can be helpful and even life-saving. However, concentrated oxygen creates free radicals that will ultimately damage cells and health.

Is NanoVi™ the same thing as bio-identical signaling?

NanoVi™ is the product name, bio-identical signaling is the term used for the type of therapy. NanoVi Eco™, NanoVi Pro™, and NanoVi Exo™ devices are the only products that has been proven through university research to be “bio-identical.”

How do scientists know that bio-identical signaling actually works?

Researchers have measured impact from use of the technology across a variety of indicators. These include heart rate variability, basal metabolic rate, blood oxygen levels, resting heart rate, levels of unused exhaled oxygen, markers for immune response, measures of oxidative stress, and lactate production in athletes.

Is this device similar to ozone therapy?

Not at all. It is designed to enhance cellular activities, including the metabolism of oxygen. Ozone (O3) has a different purpose, it is used to kill bacteria, viruses and fungus. Ozone, when introduced through the blood can increase oxygenation. Ozone is toxic in high doses.

How does it relate to hyperbaric chambers?

NanoVi™ technology complements hyperbaric treatments. Hyperbarics are especially valuable for critical healing like for burn victims or people with strokes. Because more oxygen is pressed into the system, there is also more oxidative damage.  The NanoVi™ device is very complementary and can be used long term. Since it initiates the repair of free radical damage, people doing hyperbarics benefit from using NanoVi™ technology as well.

What is the difference between NanoVi Eco™,  NanoVi Pro™, and NanoVi Exo™?

The main difference is the amount of time spent using the device. For the same benefit, you spend twice as much time using the NanoVi Eco™ device as the NanoVi Pro™. The Pro device takes twice as long as the NanoVi™ Exo device.  The Pro and Exo devices also include Smart Card technology that works like a pre-paid phone card, where minutes are deducted from the card with use. This is great for self service. The NanoVi Pro™ and Exo devices also come with a support pack including brochures and other materials for professionals to use with their clients. All three devices come with everything you need to use the device, but the two more powerful devices also come with more nasal cannulas.

Are there maintenance costs for  NanoVi™ devices?

No. The only added cost is the small amount of electricity it draws while in operation, the small cost of replacing the cannula or paper tube, and replacing the distilled water every few days.

Is there a payment plan?

Leasing is available for personal and commercial accounts. We can work with any leasing company or obtain leasing through ours. Call us to explore leasing options.

How big is it?

The footprint of all three devices is less than one square foot (11 inches x 12 inches). They are 9 inches tall, including the height of the glass bottle. These devices weigh about 9 pounds.

Is there a return policy?

Yes, they can be returned within 30 days and there is a small restocking fee.

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