Oxidative Stress Scientific Conference: New Developments in Pathophysiology, Clinical Effects, and Therapies

September 17th 2016, Arcugnano Italy

Dr. Giampietro Nordera, a recognized expert in the pathophysiology and clinical effects of oxidative stress, will present his research results on the use of NanoVi™ technology to address oxidative stress-related conditions at the Oxidative Stress Conference. Hans Eng, CEO of Eng3 will then present the science behind NanoVi™ and its Bio-Identical Signaling technology.

The Oxidative Stress Conference will showcase the most recent insights into pathophysiology, clinical effects of oxidative stress, and the diseases related to it. Of particular importance is nutrition and physical exertion, both of which can be cofactors of risk and crucial in reducing damage from oxidative stress. Additionally, this conference will chart new directions in the prevention and treatment of multiple states of disease including neurodegenerative conditions, with the goal of promoting healthy aging.

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Center for Oxidative Stress  (CSOx)
The Center for the Study and Treatment of Oxidative Stress (CSOx) was founded in order to undertake scientific research, and clinical studies of the numerous Oxidative Stress related diseases. The research undertaken is based on rigorous procedures and extensive testing, in a validated laboratory using scientific tools with high specificity and sensitivity.