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Luis Martinez M.D. after presentation

Dr. Martinez introduced Bio-Identical Signaling Technology at the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) conference in Hollywood, Florida. The AMMG is an evidence-based continuing medical education conference that draws doctors from all over the world. The conference was attended by more than 500 physicians who focus on healthy aging as part of their practice.

In his presentation entitled “Bio-Identical Signaling Therapy Its role in Age Management Medicine,” Dr. Martinez emphasized that the cycle of oxidative damage and repair is an ongoing and natural process. As long as the body’s oxidative response mechanisms keep up with the oxidative stress damage, a person remains healthy. However, increasing age and a variety of lifestyle and environmental factors can cause repair mechanisms to fall behind, leading to a decline in cellular activity and ultimately compromising health and vitality with free radicals. In short, oxidative stress damage impedes cellular function and is implicated in virtually all chronic illness.

Dr. Martinez described the approach of assisting oxidative response mechanisms for cellular repair and protection by augmenting the body’s natural signaling capability. A natural signal that triggers oxidative response mechanisms within the cells is known as a reactive oxygen species (ROS)-specific signal. University researchers have previously confirmed that this particular ROS-specific anti-oxidant signal can be generated outside the body.

Dr. Martinez also described his clinical application of the technology for age management and presented a case study of a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He concluded that bio-identical signaling has broad clinical applications and could be offered by any physician treating age-related illness or providing in anti-aging solutions. The age management device used by Dr. Martinez in his clinic is the NanoVi Pro™ developed by Eng3 Corporation in Seattle, Washington. Independent university researchers have studied the signal generated by the NanoVi Pro™ and verified it is a bio-identical signal. Eng3’s technology relies on a proprietary process to generate the ROS-specific bio-identical signal. This printer-sized device is easy to use by physicians, or home users.

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