HBOT uses a pressurized chamber to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. The air pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber is usually two to three times greater than the normal atmospheric pressure. This helps the blood carry more oxygen to organs and stimulates the release of substances, primarily growth factors and stem cells, to promote healing. However, metabolizing far more oxygen than normal produces additional oxidative stress damage. To address this damage, following hyperbarics with a NanoVi™ session is an ideal solution.

Based on thousands of treatments, doctors see better patient outcomes when NanoVi™ is used in conjunction with HBOT. At Issels Medical Center, NanoVi™ is a standard part of the hyperbaric protocol. According to its CEO,

“People feel better and a follow-on NanoVi™ session makes hyperbaric treatments more beneficial. It also helps people with fatigue, sports injuries, or endurance athletes recover faster. We use NanoVi™ sessions to reduce recovery times.”

You may also be interested in our comparison of NanoVi™ and hyperberics. A previous post on the Oxygen Irony explains the basic biophysics behind the damaging role of oxygen.

For more on how the NanoVi™ address oxidative stress