NanoVi™ for Relaxation and Wellness

I originally heard about the device from my friend who was dealing with a lot of difficult issues. She described the device as the perfect and main source of her relief. She kept trying to get me to try it and once I did, after my session, everything felt different I felt a shift in consciousness – so that is why I got the device. I felt a relaxing tranquility that lasted for the whole drive from San Francisco back to Sacramento. I felt calm, peaceful and grounded the whole way.

What got me to buy the device was the offer to try it for 30 days and to return it if it did not make a difference and only pay a re-shelving fee. I definitely felt the difference; I couldn’t put my finger on it I just liked the way I felt. It happened pretty fast and it felt like I could just go with the flow and I was in sync and focused. It decompresses me, it helps me clear my head and takes out the fuzziness.

I’ve gotten other devices in the past and I slowly stop using them or I forget to use them. The NanoVi™ is different, I always use it. When I’ve not had a chance to use it, I do notice the difference. Unlike other devices the NanoVi is really easy to use, all you have to do is turn it on and it is very low maintenance, you just need a little bit of distilled water.

I cannot imagine not using my NanoVi™ or not having it at this point, especially because of the high amounts of pollution in our food, water and in the air itself. All of these tax our system and the NanoVi™ is an easy way to help. Initially the cost was a lot for me, not that the device isn’t worth it but it was a big investment for me. I am so glad I have it. Not only is the device great but also all the staff at Eng3 is fantastic and extremely supportive, in the beginning I had so many questions and emails because it was a big investment for me and they were very helpful.

Lisa Z., California

Lisa Z., California