How NanoVi™ helped this physical trainer for the elderly

I have specialized in physical training for geriatrics for many years. I was keen to add the NanoVi™ device to the gym in the geriatric center where I worked, in part because I wanted to try it myself.

After seeing great results with my own recovery after working out, I was keen to see if it might do some good for my senior clients. Over the course of 3 months, I used the device with 21 clients, doing heart rate variability testing before and after each session.

While about half reported feeling some improvements, I could see, objectively that almost every one of them showed improvements in HRV. Two cases in particular are worth noting.

The 90-year-old resident
The first was a 90-year-old resident who looked like she’d been in a fight, I joked. There was almost no white left exposed. I asked her if she’d like to try the NanoVi™. I had her use it for just 20 minutes. The next day, I was amazed how much better the eye looked. Overnight, it looked at least 50% better, with a lot more of the whites visible.

The 65-year-old resident
The other case was a 65 year-old female resident who’d recently undergone extensive knee surgery. She’d been complaining about the pain and slowness of progress during her physical therapy sessions. I got her started doing 20-minute sessions 2 to 3 times per week. After the second session, she told me that she felt much better and her knee felt far more comfortable. She also reported that her physical therapist and doctor were amazed at the sudden improvement, particularly the improvement in range of motion.

Range of motion is something I noticed in other clients as well. The NanoVi™ device seems to relax and unlock their movement.

I train to the point of depletion so when I add the the NanoVi™ to my regime it was easy to notice a huge difference in my own recovery. After seeing the impact it had on me, I started doing before and after evaluations with senior clients and the results were great.

John V., physical trainer for the elderly

John V., physical trainer for the elderly