October 10, 2017

Learn to Biohack your Health at the 5th annual Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena

The 5th Annual Bulletproof Conference is next week in Pasadena. Please visit us if you plan to attend. Eng will be in the Bulletproof Labs section of the trade show, because Bulletproof endorses NanoVi and offers it at their new center in Santa Monica. NanoVi joins and synergizes with Bulletproof’s repertoire of devices such as Cryotherapy, EWOT, and the EEG brain trainer.

At the conference Dave Asprey will discuss the biohacks he uses to increase mitochondrial function and enhance mental and physical performance. Other keynote speakers include medical doctor Joseph Mercola, learning expert Jim Kwik and relationship psychotherapist Ester Perel.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a family physician and founder of the most visited natural health website, Mercola.com. He is also a twelve times NY Times best-selling author.
Dr. Joseph Mercola

Jim Kwik is an expert in improving the mind and increasing its performance through teaching speed-reading and memory improvement exercises through his organization, Kwik Learning. Major organization such as Nike, GE, and Harvard University have made use of Kwik’s methods.
Jim Kwik

Ester Pere