How NanoVi™ Helps with Cellular Health

A personal note from Dr. Pompa:

I am super excited about the NanoVi device. The first thing that got me going was the way I felt from using it. With lots of activity or travel, even a healthy person can use a boost. I had a sensation in my head and more clarity within 10 minutes. That said, whether or not I notice the difference is far less important than the scientific evidence supporting a technology. And this is what really got me excited about NanoVi. There is both background research showing that the device does what it should and high-quality studies showing its benefit to people.

I was digging through studies on NanoVi (including some that are placebo-controlled) when my ah-ha moment stuck: NanoVi can help improve every one of my 5Rs! Like my 5R’s, NanoVi is not a quick fix, it is a way to help the body heal itself. It aligns perfectly with my own thinking. If a single device contributing to so many aspects of cellular health seems impossible, it will help to know how it works.

The 5Rs are my roadmap to fixing toxin damaged cellular pathways. These damaged cells explain the epidemic of inflammatory driven chronic and unexplainable diseases. The 5R’s are applied to fix cellular detox pathways upstream, and the Nano-Vi is a wonderful tool to ensure this process is happening. The 5Rs are:

R1: Remove the Source
R2: Regenerate the Membrane
R3: Restore Cellular Energy
R4: Reduce Cellular Inflammation
R5: Re-Establish Methylation

The video below is the easiest way to understand what NanoVi is doing. Because it is a totally new approach to health and performance, the animation helps you see what is going on and why it is such a fundamental health tool.

To learn more, I have asked Eng3, the company behind NanoVi, to send information that I specifically selected and is not published at their site. Please fill in the form below and it will be emailed to you. If you don’t see the email, be sure to check your spam filter. Enjoy.