If you want to be healthy and optimize your performance (and you speak German), the Selbstoptimierungskongress may be perfect for you

The Selbstoptimierungskongress or Self-Optimization Congress takes place online from April 5th to the 14th. Hans Eng is in among many outstanding speakers, all of them committed to health, wellness, and fitness.

As long as you understand German, the online Self-Optimization Congress provides an opportunity for you to benefit from the wealth of experience of successful professionals. The speakers interviewed are chosen for their ability to help you maximize your life, your performance, and your well-being. 37 self-optimization experts will be on the stage for you! The congress has a multifaceted program, with a focus on biohacking, nutrition, anti-aging and medicine. You may never receive so many skills in such a short time.

The organizer, Corinna Maier, is a licensed rehabilitation trainer who has enriched our knowledge through additional training in sports and fitness, as a certified rehabilitation coach, a fitness trainer A + B, holistic nutritionist as well as advanced training of alternative functional medicine and hormone regulation.

Corinna, has been a health coach for more than 15 years. She is a non-medical practitioner who focuses on detoxification, hormone regulation and optimizing the body. Corinna gets tremendous pleasure from helping people with their health, achieving their dream figure, and maximizing performance. Biohacking is an integral part of her life. She is passionate about helping people function and feel their best, while looking younger.

Through the Online Self-Optimization Congress, she offers a platform that joins many experts the experts around these topics.

Self-Optimization Conference, Selbstopimierungskongeress, Corinna Maier

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Self-Optimization Conference, Selbstopimierungskongeress

The Self-Optimization Congress will be taking place online from April 5th-14th

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Self-Optimization Congress

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