Hans Eng presents NanoVi™ technology while Olga Yablonskaya presents research results on the reduction of cellular damage with NanoVi at the 13th annual Water Conference in Bulgaria

The NanoVi device will be well represented at this year’s Water Conference. It is the only device to create the fourth phase of water, also known as EZ (exclusion zone) water, in water droplets that are delivered to the body. The technology relies on the science of Dr. Gerald Pollock, Dr. Vladimir Voeikov, and other leading researchers in water science. A close associate of Dr. Voeikov’s, Dr. Olga Yablonskaya, and her team have been conducting research on the NanoVi device for the last year. This research shows the benefit of NanoVi for cellular repair and Dr. Yablonskaya will present preliminary results at the Water Conference. Hans Eng will present detail on how NanoVi technology works to Water Conference attendees. The NanoVi device represents an exciting example of the application of water science in the development of a unique product for human benefit.

Although great progress in water science has been made, there is still much to be done. Water constitutes a significant portion of the human body and nearly three quarters of the Earth’s surface, yet for something so common and integral to life, we have only a shallow understanding of water in all its aspects. Doctor Gerald Pollack, a professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington, began the Water Conference 13 years ago to help unravel the mysteries surrounding water. The conference brings together experts on the physics, chemistry, and biology, of water to share knowledge and technologies that help expand our understanding of this mysterious substance.

Dr. Pollack’s research into water led to his study of the fourth phase of water, also known as EZ (exclusion zone) water, which is fundamental to the workings of the NanoVi™. Dr. Pollack’s findings were published in his books Cells, Gels, and the Engines of Life in 2001, and The Fourth Phase of Water in 2013.

The Water Conference is held in Sofia, Bulgaria in the Ramada Hotel. This is a fitting setting because Bulgaria is known for its water and an abundance of healing springs. Those who are not able to attend the Water Conference in person will be pleased to know that the conference will also be broadcasted live on the internet.

sofia bulgaria, sofia, bulgaria, nanovi, eng3, water conference, water conference 2018, 13th annual water conference, Dr. Gerald Pollack

The Water Conference will run from October 18th-21st, with Hans Eng presenting the NanoVi™ at 4:30 PM on October 19th.

If you would like to learn more about the NanoVi™ and how it helps improve cellular activity sign up to learn more at our contact page.

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NanoVi™, Epigenetics, and EZ-Water on the Decoding Superhuman Podcast

Water Conference, Water Conference 2018, 13th annual water conference, Dr. Gerald Pollack, Eng3, NanoVi

Join us at the Water Conference to learn how the NanoVi™ uses EZ water to boost cellular regeneration

Eng3, NanoVi, Bio-identical signaling

Evidence of Protective and Regenerating Properties of NanoVi™ Water Vapor

Eng3, NanoVi, Bio-identical signaling

NanoVi™ – Bio-identical Signaling Technology

Dr. Gerald Pollack, EZ-Water, 4th Phase of Water, Protein Folding

Dr. Gerald Pollack, the founder of the Water Conference

Enjoy a NanoVi™ session in the HackerSpace at the Biohacker Summit in Toronto and learn how it can help you become an upgraded version of yourself

Biohacker Summit, SPARK Biohacker Summit, biohack, biohacker, biohacking, biohack, NanoVi, Eng3, Toronto Biohacker Summit,

Find NanoVi in the HackerSpace (booth #23) at the Biohacker Summit 2018 in Toronto

Eng3 will be attending the Biohacker Summit in Toronto this month. The Biohacker Summit is a great place to showcase NanoVi because it is already used by prominent biohackers such as Ben Greenfield, Dave Asprey, Luke Storey, and Bob Troia. The NanoVi helps to reverse cellular damage, resulting in a stronger immune system, improved vitality, better sleep, and slower aging, making it a perfect fit for a biohacking summit.

This international summit was previously held in Helsinki. It brings biohacking experts together to share their knowledge and create a transformative and game-changing experience. The focus of the conference is optimizing human performance, recovery, and longevity. NanoVi will be available for use in the HackerSpace, and Eng3 will be joined by a number of other innovative technology companies featured at the Biohacker Summit.

A wide range of biohacking experts will speak over the three days of the summit, including Jason Fung, MD, a specialist on diabetes and fasting who has long been embraced by the biohacking community. Dr. Norman Doidge, MD, a Psychiatrist whose book The Brain that Changes Itself brought neuroplasticity to the masses. Training the brain is a key aspect of hacking your health so there is no doubt Dr. Doidge is at least an honorary biohacker. Numerous other well-known authors will speak, including Dr. Nicole Avena who is at the forefront of research on diet, nutrition, and food addiction.

Biohacker Summit, SPARK Biohacker Summit, biohack, biohacker, biohacking, biohack, NanoVi, Eng3, Toronto Biohacker Summit, Dr. Jason Fung, Jason Fung, Dr. FungDr. Jason Fung MD is a world-leading expert on intermittent fasting and low carb diets, especially for treating people with type 2 diabetes. He founded the Intensive Dietary Management Program to provide diet-based treatments for type 2 diabetes. He is also the scientific editor of the Journal of Insulin Resistance and author of best-selling books including The Complete Guide to Fasting, The Obesity Code, and The Diabetes Code.

Biohacker Summit, SPARK Biohacker Summit, biohack, biohacker, biohacking, biohack, NanoVi, Eng3, Toronto Biohacker Summit, Dr. Norman Doidge, Norman Doidge, Dr. DoidgeDr. Norman Doidge MD is one of the foremost experts on the brain, having written The Brain that Changes Itself, which won several book of the year awards, and was selected as the “best general book on the brain” by the editors and readers of the journal Cerebrum. In addition, Dr. Doidge has also written over 170 articles which have appeared in multiple scientific journals, such as the American Journal of Psychiatry, and the International Journal of Eating Disorders. He is renowned as being a master of making science accessible and has appeared on numerous TV channels and radio programs, including NPR, BBC, and CNN.

Biohacker Summit, SPARK Biohacker Summit, biohack, biohacker, biohacking, biohack, NanoVi, Eng3, Toronto Biohacker Summit, Dr. Nicole Avena, Nicole Avena, Dr. Avena Dr. Nicole Avena focuses on the science of food addiction, diet, and nutrition. She is a researcher at Columbia University and holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and Neuroscience from Princeton University. Dr. Avena has written over 90 journal articles, and many books on the topics of diet and nutrition, her most recent being What to Feed your Baby and Toddler. Her work was featured on the cover of the September 2017 issue of National Geographic.

Biohacker Summit, SPARK Biohacker Summit, biohack, biohacker, biohacking, biohack, NanoVi, Eng3, Toronto Biohacker Summit, Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto
You can find these speakers, and many more at the Biohacker Summit in Toronto. The Summit will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center from the 14th to the 16th of October.

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Eng3 and the NanoVi™ Will be on Display at David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference

Biohacker Summit, SPARK Biohacker Summit, biohack, biohacker, biohacking, biohack, NanoVi, Eng3, Toronto Biohacker Summit,

NanoVi is a great asset for biohackers, making it right at home at the Biohacker Summit!

Biohacker Summit, SPARK Biohacker Summit, biohack, biohacker, biohacking, biohack, NanoVi, Eng3, Toronto Biohacker Summit,

Biohack your way to better health at the Biohacker Summit

Biohacker Summit, SPARK Biohacker Summit, biohack, biohacker, biohacking, biohack, NanoVi, Eng3, Toronto Biohacker Summit,

Find NanoVi in the HackerSpace alongside other exhibitors

Join Eng3 at RAADfest to learn how the NanoVi™ can be used to slow the aging process

Eng3 will be exhibiting the NanoVi RAADfest 2018, showcasing a technology that can assist with graceful aging. The NanoVi is a perfect fit for RAADfest as it helps slow the aging process by accelerating repair and regeneration. Reported benefits include greater mental clarity, renewed vitality, better sleep, stronger immunity and the ability to stay active later in life.

RAADfest, NanoVi, Eng3, biohacking, Coalition for Radical Life Extension, Revolution Against Aging and Death

NanoVi featured in the RAADfest 2018 expo

RAADfest was established to bring together experts and enthusiasts in fields related to longevity in order to increase interest by presenting their findings to laypeople. A wide variety of speakers will be presenting different ways to increase longevity. Topics range from methods to live longer through healthy living, to topics as radical as transhumanism.

Speakers will include Suzanne Somers, a writer, entrepreneur and actress, Dr. Neil Riordan, a stem cell researcher, and Jim Mellon, a British entrepreneur and investor.

Suzanne Somers, Eng3, NanoVi, biohacking, RAADfestSuzanne Somers, an award-winning actress, bestselling author, and astute businesswoman, will be attending RAADfest. She is the author of multiple New York Times Bestsellers, her current one being TOX-SICK. Working with Life Extension, Suzanne is a co-founder the physicians’ network ForeverHealth.com. She is a proponent of Bio Identical Hormone Treatment and has been since she published The Sexy Years in 2003.

Dr. Neil Riordan, Doctor Neil Riordan, Eng3, NanoVi, RAADfest, biohackingDr. Neil Riordan is a leading figure in the field of stem cell research. He founded MediStem Panama in 2007, one of the foremost labs focusing on the use of stem cells in treating chronic diseases. He’s the author of more than 60 articles in peer-reviewed journals and is the author of MSC: Clinical Evidence Leading Medicines Next Frontier, and Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide: How Stem Cells Are Disrupting Medicine and Transforming Lives. Dr. Riordan will be speaking about the ways in which stem cells can be used to address chronic diseases, and the state of research into using stem cells to address aging.

Jim Mellon, Eng3, NanoVi, biohacking, RAADfest
Jim Mellon is known for identifying upcoming market trends and technologies. In his first book he was able to successfully predict the global financial crisis of 2007-2008. He will be speaking about the ways in which increased longevity will change the world, and the need to influence politicians to prepare for these changes.

RAADfest, eng3, nanovi, biohacking
RAADfest will held at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, September 20th-23rd. The NanoVi device will be demonstrated at booth 201.

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Eng3 and the NanoVi™ Will be on Display at David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference

RAADfest, NanoVi, eng3, biohacking

San Diego’s Town and Country Resort hosts RAADfest 2018

RAADfest, NanoVi, eng3, biohacking

RAADfest offers lively, even death defying, panel discussions

RAADfest, NanoVi, eng3, biohacking

The RAADfest focus on rejuvenation makes NanoVi a great fit for the expo

Katie Wells provides invaluable advice for helping any mother become a Wellness Mama

Katie Well’s determination to improve the health and longevity of the next generation has earned her the title of the Wellness Mama. As a mother of 6 with a curious mind and talent for sharing what she has learned, she is especially well qualified for the role. Much of Katie’s work focuses on avoiding exposure to harmful toxins, including what people put in and on their bodies. In her ongoing pursuit of the best ways to support health and vitality, Katie saw the need to reverse cellular damage that couldn’t be avoided. For this she turned to NanoVi.

Our kids face many sources of cellular damage in today’s world and I’m so excited to finally have a way to help combat this!

From her Wellness Mama podcast with Rowena Gates, you’ll learn why NanoVi is the perfect complement to Katie’s advice on eating well and reducing exposure to toxins.

Wellness Mama, Katie Wells, Rowena Gates, NanoVi, Eng3, DNA Damage

*Please note that the Podcast player may take sometime to load and will be available above

Katie Wells has done a great deal to reduce oxidative stress. By adding the NanoVi to her daily routine, she gets help repairing oxidative stress damage (the damage that couldn’t be avoided). Below are the benefits she noticed, including deeper sleep, more stamina, and increased mental clarity, as well as helping her to detox.

  • Deeper sleep — because at night and when we sleep, our nervous system shifts into sympathetic mode. Stress and excessive stimulation from things like blue light disrupt this, but using the NanoVi™ can help shift your nervous system, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation that is very helpful for sleep.
  • Natural detox — having done so many things for my health over the years, I’m very sensitive to what detoxification and being “clean” feel like. I can absolutely say that using the NanoVi™ promotes a sense of feeling cleaner, more internally pure and — most importantly — this detox is gentle. It never takes me away from any of my responsibilities as a mother or business owner.
  • More stamina — being a busy mom AND working full-time can be downright exhausting! I’ve never been a big fan of stimulants, because I know what they do to your adrenals long-term. Luckily, the NanoVi™ seems to help me have more internal “resources” to get through the day without needing anything else beyond natural things like good, water, sunshine, etc.
  • Increased mental clarity — as we noted earlier, research shows that stress can create brain oxidation and mental fogginess. Of course, there are no “time outs” as a mother, you often have to keep going no matter how you feel. Since I’ve used the NanoVi™, I’ve noticed my mind is naturally more clear.

I use my NanoVi™ just about every day, and because the technology leverages natural elements like water and light to produce all the benefits (including DNA repair, help with inflammation and more)—there’s no downside to it at

Katie Wells, is on a mission to ensure that the next generation lives even longer than the current one. She was spurred to action a decade ago after the birth of her first son; while waiting in a doctor’s office, she opened a magazine and read, “For the first time in centuries, the current generation of children will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.” Rather than simply accepting that her children would have a shorter lifespan than her, Katie decided to act. She became the Wellness Mama and began looking into healthier ways to live.

Katie hasn’t stopped at simply ensuring that her own children will have long lives, instead she’s shared what she has learned so that other parents can follow along and know that their own children will also live longer than they themselves will. Katie is the author of multiple books which contain the results of her years of research into healthy living. She covers how to remove dangerous chemicals from your house by replacing cleaning supplies with natural solutions, how to avoid applying untested chemicals directly to your skin by making your own safe and natural hygiene and beauty products, how to safely navigate a pregnancy in the modern world, and how to prepare foods that are not only delicious, but healthy too.

Even by following all of Katie’s advice however, it’s impossible to avoid all sources of cellular damage without entirely removing oneself from society and living off the grid in the forest. It is difficult to escape the physical and mental stress caused by daily life. That’s where the NanoVi comes in. The NanoVi helps to repair the damage caused by oxidative stress that cannot be avoided. Best of all, the NanoVi is easy to use for a busy woman like Katie.

I love how scientific and well-researched the NanoVi team is, and how they’ve created something truly life-changing. But perhaps what I love most is how every personal benefit I’ve experienced is achieved PASSIVELY. It couldn’t be any easier to use it while working, unwinding in front of a show or movie, or even while reading to your kids like I do. Look, if you’re like me, you’re expected to be “supermom” — and there are no days off. With NanoVi™, I have a tool that helps me be at my best and stay “super”… every single day.

By turning other mothers into Wellness Mamas, Katie Wells believes that lasting change can be achieved. Mothers have a major influence over the upbringing of children, and if the current generation of mothers cut harmful chemicals and foods out of their households, then the next generation will not only live longer and healthier but also follow their example, creating a happier and healthier world.

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Health and Wellness Advocate Ben Greenfield talks with Hans Eng about Biohacking with the NanoVi™

Katie Wells, Wellness Mama, Eng3, NanoVi

Katie is recognized as one of the most influential people in health and wellness

Katie Wells, Wellness Mama, Eng3, NanoVi

Managing a business, authoring books, running an influential podcast like Wellness Mama, and being a super mom takes a lot of work and the NanoVi™ helps

Eng3, NanoVi, Wellness Mama, The wellness mama 5-step lifestyle detox. the wellness mama 5 step lifestyle detox, katie wells, detox

Katie shares her detox expertise in 5 steps

Eng3, NanoVi, Wellness Mama, The wellness mama 5-step lifestyle detox. the wellness mama cookbook, katie wells

Katie shares 200 time-saving recipes

Luke Storey, host of the podcast The Life Stylist, adds the NanoVi to his program for achieving optimal health and features NanoVi in his podcast

Luke Storey has spent the past 21 years seeking out the best ancient and modern methods for achieving optimal health and wellness. He doesn’t merely seek out methods for obtaining optimal health for his own use; instead he disseminates his discoveries through his website, youtube channel, and his podcast, The Life Stylist. Luke has interviewed many prominent guests in the fields of biohacking, health, and personal development, including Jack Kruse, JP Sears, and David Wolfe. Some of his guests will also be familiar to readers of this blog, such as Dave Asprey of Bulletproof, and Ben Greenfield of bengreenfieldfitness. Hans Eng and Rowena Gates are in good company being interviewed on Luke’s Life Stylist podcast.

Formerly a Hollywood Celebrity Fashion Stylist, now a life stylist, Luke Storey decided to develop the ultimate lifestyle, using himself as a human research lab. Luke Storey has personally tested a wide variety of sometimes dangerous techniques, treatments, and technologies, such as injecting himself with poisonous Amazonian frog venom, in order to discover what works and what doesn’t. He believes in attaining optimal health without forgoing the conveniences of a modern lifestyle, rather than advocating an escape from cities to nature he works to find out how we can live a healthy life in our modern society.

After spending 22 years researching and trying just about every health fad and biohacking device, I was thrilled to find the NanoVi. A huge part of my health strategy is working with the healthiest waters on the planet. After a lot of research into the mysterious substance, we call water; I finally settled on the ultimate goal of being getting EZ or exclusion zone water into the body. Eng3 has discovered a more effective way to do this using their cutting-edge technology, in a speedy, and user-friendly manner.

Luke also provides personalized one-on-one lifestyle coaching to help people reach optimal health. At Dave Asprey’s 5th Annual Bulletproof Conference Luke discovered the NanoVi™, and by his own admission, after the first 15-minute session, he was hooked.

After a period of research Luke was keen to get a NanoVi™ for himself, and immediately put it to the test. Luke started regularly using the NanoVi™ shortly after undergoing an invasive surgery and discovered that his expected weeks of recovery was shortened to mere days. The NanoVi™ is thus now part of Luke’s arsenal of wellness tools for promoting optimal health.

“The NanoVi is amazing because it so effectively supports your health and overall energy and stress recovery, but you can use it while engaged in another activity. My favorite biohacks are the ones that work, and that can be ‘stacked’ in multi-use sessions. I use my unit every single day while I sit and meditate. Two birds, one stone.”

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Eng3, NanoVi, Luke Storey, Lifestyle, Lifestylist, Biohacking, life stylist

Luke Storey multitasking with the NanoVi

Luke Storey, Eng3, NanoVi, Bulletproof Conference, Dave Asprey, Biohacking, lifetyle, lifestylist, life stylist

Luke Storey, using the NanoVi for the first time at the 5th annual Bulletproof Conference

Luke Storey, Paleo f(x), Paleo, Keto, Paleo Lifestyle, NanoVi, Eng3, Holistic Wellness, Lifestylist, Lifestyle, life stylist

Luke Storey brings 21 years of experience to developing the ultimate lifestyle as a life stylist

Michael Gavronski follows a demanding training regime that includes NanoVi™ for recovery at the end of each day

NanoVi user and boxer Michael “Imagine Me” Gavronski is heading to Atlantic City’s Ocean Resort Casino on August 18th to face off against Jesse Hart. Michael Gavronski is the current Super Middleweight Champion in the North American Boxing Association (NABA) and is the 11th ranked Super Middleweight in the world by the World Boxing Association (WBA). A victory against Jesse Hart, who is ranked 3rd in the world by the World Boxing Council (WBC) and 10th by the International Boxing Federation (IBF), will bring Gavronski closer to achieving his dream a world title.

MMichael Gavronski, Mike Gavronski, Imagine Me, Michael Imagine Me Gavronski, Mike Imagine Me Gavronski, Gavronski, Eng3, NanoVi, Boxing, Biohacking, Recovery, Super Middleweight, Super Middleweight Champion, NABA Super Middleweight Champion, Brian Vera, Emerald Queen Casino

Michael “Imagine Me” Gavronski reaches out to a fan after defeating Brian Vera

Michael is much more than an extremely tough contender. Given the intensity of training, it is impressive that he is also active in the community. Mike covers the age spectrum by spending time with both children and senior citizens. This takes “Imagine Me” to a new level, it seems people are never too old or too young to put on a pair of gloves and get some exercise. Community theater also benefits from Michael Gravonski’s character and dedication. Somehow, he finds time to contribute to local theater productions and, no doubt, charms the audience.

Gavronski was introduced to boxing at the age of 18 when a friend took him to a boxing gym in Bellevue, Washington. The trainers saw his potential and took him in, helping him build a solid boxing foundation. After achieving some impressive boxing accolades in his hometown of Tacoma, he began boxing professionally in 2010. Building on a winning record as a pro, Michael earned the NABA Super Middleweight Champion title with his victory over Andrew Hernandez in November 2017 at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma.

Michael Gavronski has a reputation as a tenacious fighter, with a record of 24 wins, 15 of which were knockouts, a mere 2 losses, and 1 draw. He’s currently on a five-fight winning streak and is looking to expand that to six by beating Jesse Hart, who is currently on a two-fight streak. The fight with Jesse Hart will be tough. Like Mike Gavronski, Hart has an impressive record at 24 wins and 1 loss. While Jesse Hart is a strong opponent, Mike Gavronski is confident in his abilities and relishes the opportunity to fight such a tough opponent.

“If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. I am willing to fight anybody. I love the challenge.” -Michael Gavronski

Preparing for such a significant fight requires a lot of training, and Mike Gavronski has been using the NanoVi to help ready himself for the match.

“It’s helped me recover faster and I feel stronger. My times are faster and my output is greater than before. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is serious about their health and recovery.” -Michael Gavronski

Recovering more quickly from each training session means Mike can squeeze more intensity into training between fights. Mike Gavronski began using the NanoVi after his fight with Andrew Hernandez in 2017. He was introduced to it by trainers at Athletic Training Institute in Bellevue and immediately saw the benefits. Based on how big a difference it made to his recovery, Mike became a dedicated NanoVi user. He religiously does a long NanoVi session at the end of each grueling day of training.

Mike Gavronski isn’t simply interested in the physical aspect of boxing, he’s also interested in tackling the corruption that fills the politics of the boxing community. Mike Gavronski knows other boxers who’ve had their boxing careers ruined by bad contracts, other boxers who, like him, just want to make it to the top, but who have been prevented from boxing through the bad contracts foisted upon them by corrupt and unscrupulous people in the professional boxing community.

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How does a strongman train better, recover faster, and become even more competitive?

Ultramarathons and Other Extreme Races Mean the Need for Repair and Recovery has Never Been Greater

Michael Gavronski, Mike Gavronski, Imagine Me, Michael Imagine Me Gavronski, Mike Imagine Me Gavronski, Gavronski, Eng3, NanoVi, Boxing, Biohacking, Recovery, Super Middleweight, Super Middleweight Champion, NABA Super Middleweight Champion,

Champion Michael “Imagine Me” Gavronski turns to NanoVi for faster recovery

Michael Gavronski, Mike Gavronski, Imagine Me, Michael Imagine Me Gavronski, Mike Imagine Me Gavronski, Gavronski, Eng3, NanoVi, Boxing, Biohacking, Recovery, Super Middleweight, Super Middleweight Champion, NABA Super Middleweight Champion,

Michael Gavronski has a pro record of 24 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw

Michael Gavronski, Mike Gavronski, Imagine Me, Michael Imagine Me Gavronski, Mike Imagine Me Gavronski, Gavronski, Eng3, NanoVi, Boxing, Biohacking, Recovery, Super Middleweight, Super Middleweight Champion, NABA Super Middleweight Champion,

Mike Gavronski doing some conditioning after winning the championship

Michael Gavronski, Mike Gavronski, Imagine Me, Michael Imagine Me Gavronski, Mike Imagine Me Gavronski, Gavronski, Eng3, NanoVi, Boxing, Biohacking, Recovery, Super Middleweight, Super Middleweight Champion, NABA Super Middleweight Champion,

Michael Gavronski, using the NanoVi to recover after a training session.

Michael Gavronski, Mike Gavronski, Imagine Me, Michael Imagine Me Gavronski, Mike Imagine Me Gavronski, Gavronski, Eng3, NanoVi, Boxing, Biohacking, Recovery, Super Middleweight, Super Middleweight Champion, NABA Super Middleweight Champion,

Mike Gavronski keeping himself fit and ready for his next fight

NanoVi is highly complementary to Cryotherapy. Cryo shocks cells into action, then NanoVi orchestrates protein activities for better cellular function.

In this article, you’ll learn about cryo treatments, cold shock proteins, and NanoVi, and how to use them all together to improve your performance.

Have you ever felt especially alert after taking a cold shower or jumping into a pool?

There’s a reason low temperatures clear your head. Cold exposure shocks your body into a state of higher performance – your cells reduce inflammation and improve your brain function.

Cold makes you more resilient, too. After a cold plunge, your cells adapt to stress better; they take on less damage, and when damage does happen, they repair it more quickly.

Inflammation, brain function, resiliency, and recovery: with all that benefit from a little cold exposure, it’s no surprise that cryotherapy – intentionally exposing yourself to extreme cold – is becoming ever more popular.

And with NanoVi, you can make cryotherapy even better. Many of cryotherapy’s benefits derive from cold shock proteins, proteins in your cells that activate in response to a sudden drop in temperature. Cold shock proteins are where NanoVi comes in:

  • Cryotherapy activates cold shock proteins
  • NanoVi improves body-wide protein function

That means you can use cryotherapy to activate cold shock proteins, and NanoVi to enhance their function and keep them active longer. Together, cryo and NanoVi are a potent combination for decreasing inflammation, improving brain function, making your cells more resilient, and recovering faster.

Cold shock proteins: the secret to cryotherapy

From an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense that you’d have to adapt to heat and cold to survive. Human haven’t always had A/C and central heating.

Extreme temperatures are a shock to your biology, and it responds by improving your ability to survive. For cold, you have cold shock proteins: performance-enhancing proteins that your cells create in response to a drop in body temperature (side note: your body makes heat shock proteins too, and they also have some pretty powerful benefits…but that’s for another article).

Cold shock proteins are still a pretty new field. There seem to be quite a few of them, each with specific benefits. The two best studied ones are:

  • RNA-binding protein 3 (RBM3) is a cold shock protein found in your brain, heart, liver, and skeletal muscle that turns on in response to cold exposure [1].
  • There’s also cold-inducible RNA-binding protein (CIRP). Like RBM3, CIRP appears in your brain and muscle cells in response to cold.

Together, RBM3 and CIRP improve several parts of your biology, including:

  • Brain function. Both CIRP and RBM3 protect against brain cell damage [2,3,4] and decrease brain inflammation [5], which could explain why cold exposure therapy keeps dementia at bay [6].
  • Stress response. RBM3 and CIRP both acts as antioxidants, protect against cell death from oxidative stress and free radical damage [7,8,9,10]. In other words, RBM3 and CIRP leave you better equipped to handle stress, all the way down to the cellular level.
  • Muscle recovery/growth. Cold shock proteins also speed up muscle repair and increase recovery from inflammation after intense exercise [11]. In rats, RBM3 prevents muscle loss due to age [12].
  • DNA repair. CIRP triggers DNA repair [13], which makes your cells more efficient and helps them bounce back from damage faster.

And cold shock proteins aside, cryotherapy can also help you lose weight. Cold exposure increases your brown adipose tissue, a type of beneficial fat that you produce to keep your organs warm in response to cold [14]. Brown adipose tissue is very metabolically active; having more of it speeds up your fat metabolism and keeps you leaner [15].

Hans Eng, Eng3, NanoVi, Biohacking, Cryotherapy, cold shock proteins, Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Labs

Hans Eng admires Dave Asprey’s cryo sauna at Dave’s Bulletproof Lab on Vancouver Island

Eng3, NanoVi, Cryotherapy, Cryo, biohacking, Katy Trails Cryo

Stephanie Saladino’s inviting set-up at Katy Trails Cryo in Dallas

Eng3, NanoVi, Biohacking, Cryotherapy, cold shock proteins, Cryotherapy Miami, Christian Kammermayer

Christian Kammermayer, owner of Cryotherapy Miami taking a break

Eng3, NanoVi, Biohacking, Cryotherapy, cold shock proteins, Glacé Cryotherapy, Glace Cryotherapy

A happy cryo client at Glacé Cryotherapy Chattanooga

The detox of heavy metals is a difficult and complex process, fortunately Wendy Myers has personalized and effective solutions

Why does Wendy Myers, one of the country’s foremost detox specialists, turn to NanoVi? Because detoxification involves much more than just getting the heavy metals out, it requires cellular repair and the restoration of healthy cellular functions.

Wendy Myers discusses the recovery aspect of detox and other issues in a recent podcast. Hans Eng and Rowena Gates were interviewed by Wendy on her Live to 110 podcast. She created Live to 110 to help spread information about detoxification and other health practices necessary for living a long and healthy life.

Wendy Myers is an outstanding voice in the field of natural healing and detoxification. After her father was failed by modern medicine, Wendy Myers decided to investigate alternative forms of healthcare. She founded MyersDETOX™ to share her findings, and created the Myers Detox Protocol, an individualized program to reverse and prevent disease. The main focus of the Myers Detox Protocol is chemical and heavy metal detoxification. Just living in the modern world means a multitude of chemicals and metals can built up in the body, causing a plethora of health effects. Through detox, these toxic substances can be removed from the body, allowing it to return to health.

Wendy Myers, Eng3, NanoVi, Myers Detox Protocol, Live to 110, Supercharged, detox, detoxification, toxic metal detox, toxic metal detoxification, toxic metals, detox or die

Wendy Myers hosting Live to 110 podcast

There’s no denying the damage heavy metals do to your body.

This includes:

•Creating cellular “stress” via negative ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)
•Promoting and even directly causing DNA damage
•Interfering with mitochondrial (cellular energy) function
•Interfering with protein function, or causing “protein misfolding.”

According to Wendy, all this is damaging on a deep cellular level. And since your overall health (especially how you look and feel) is a reflection of your cells… it’s easy to see the magnitude of the problem.

Detoxifying heavy metals is an important step, but the journey to renewed health does not typically end there. Once heavy metals are removed people need to recover from the presence of these toxins in their body. This recovery process is definitely not quick and easy for everyone. Wendy believes that assisting the recovery process is where the NanoVi device shines. It helps people recover from the damage inflicted by toxic heavy metals.

The NanoVi can assist with all four aspects of cellular damage mentioned above. Research conducted at the Center for Sports Science at the University of Vienna evaluated blood lactate and inflammatory markers after exercise-induced oxidative stress. This study ultimately verified the regenerative capacity of the NanoVi device. The subjects’ immune systems were positively influenced by a 15-minute session (half the normal session) done before physical exertion, as reflected in lactate levels. When a second (half) NanoVi session was done after exertion, white blood cells showed a substantially higher immune response in the active NanoVi subjects. Independent research also verifies the ability of the NanoVi to assist in DNA repair, even the double strand breaks that are so hard to repair. Reducing DNA damage is essential for your cells to carry out their optimum functions.

Everyone has different needs and different levels of sensitivity to changes in their body. While there is no ‘one size fits all’, changes like the ones Wendy experienced are often apparent to people who use the device regularly. Below are some of the shifts Wendy Myers reported after getting her own NanoVi:

  • Improved cellular detoxification — My body (and cellular) ability to remove waste has improved significantly; even if I have a rough day or stray from my diet, or I’m exposed to more city pollution (or electropollution, such as EMFs), I find I recover faster now.
  • Lower stress and better sleep — Tracking heart rate variability before and after a NanoVi™ session shows how effective it can be for the nervous system. This is especially true for the sympathetic nervous system, which is involved in sleep and recovery.
  • Recovery from overworking/long hours — Because I have my own business (multiple businesses, in reality!); I can sometimes have super long days, with hours on calls, recording podcasts, videos, computer work, meetings and more. I’ve found that NanoVi™ ensures that, even with a huge workload, I’m able to avoid extreme exhaustion and overwhelm.
  • More natural energy — I’ve also noticed that since I began using NanoVi™, my overall energy levels are higher and that I have less need for coffee or anything stimulating. This is likely due in part to the improved mitochondrial function it supports.
  • Anti-aging support — Much of the aging process we experience is caused by oxidation and inflammation. Heavy metals are major sources of these, but far from the only source. I’ve found that my body feels less inflamed overall… my skin is plumper, softer and moister… and my entire body just feels “younger.”

Not only does Wendy Myers value the personal benefits of the NanoVi and how complementary it is to detox protocols, she also appreciates how unique it is.

Granted, these are all subjective assessments of how I personally feel.
But as someone who has tried hundreds of health tools, technologies, and supplements, I can say with complete conviction that NanoVi™ is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Although not everyone is as active as Wendy Myers, most people will find the NanoVi device as easy to use as she does:

“Between my health practice, growing business, podcasts I host, Summits, and motherhood—I am insanely busy. The long hours I often need to work can lead to burnout, poor sleep, stress and other challenges… while also making any personal care or recovery time difficult to find. Luckily, the NanoVi™ is a pleasant, 100% passive device that I’m able to use almost anytime, day or night, to recover and rejuvenate. I often do it while working on my computer, researching… sometimes even right before or during sleep! It’s so easy to use, and so very calming. I find it especially great to use at night after a long day.

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How does NanoVi™ technology work?

Wendy Myers, detox, detoxification, heavy metal deotixification, toxi heavy metal detoxification, Detox or Die, myers detox protocol, Eng3, NanoVi, biohack, paleo fx, Paleo f(x)

Wendy Myers using a NanoVi at Paleo f(x)

Wendy Myers, detox, detoxification, heavy metal deotixification, toxi heavy metal detoxification, Detox or Die, myers detox protocol, Eng3, NanoVi, biohack, paleo fx, Paleo f(x)

Wendy Myers suggests adding NanoVi sessions to a detox protocol

This summer, Nike is inviting the world’s most competitive athletes – and anyone else interested in a stronger body and mind – to Just Do It HQ in Los Angeles, California, for a holistic training lifestyle camp.

What does that mean, exactly?

That Nike wants to teach this generation’s athletes to go beyond traditional training – to use anything and everything they can to become better, faster, and stronger. The camp includes sessions in Training, Nutrition, Learning, Products, and Recovery. That last one, Recovery, is where NanoVi™ comes in.

Nike Just Do It HQ, Just Do It HQ, Just Do It, Nike, Eng3, NanoVi, Upgrade Labs, biohack, recovery

Nike’s Just Do It HQ is the ultimate summer destination for performance and recovery

We’re honored to say that NanoVi is a central part of the Nike Just Do It HQ’s recovery protocol. Upgrade Labs (a longtime partner of ours, formerly Bulletproof Labs) designed the recovery setup, and it features NanoVi as a way to help athletes push harder and repair faster.

Professional athletes have been using NanoVi for a while now. There’s Matt Boyd, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers:

NanoVi, Eng3, biohacking, recovery, Matt Boyd, Detroit Tigers, pitcher, baseball, Nike training camp, nike just do it HQ, Upgrade Labs, Bulletproof Labs,

“I wouldn’t go anywhere without my NanoVi. I have tried other recovery machines and nothing gets me back to a game-ready state and keeps me strong like NanoVi. It is faster than anything I have used before. I recommend it to anyone, not just to athletes.”

And there’s Michael Gavronski, the boxing Super Middleweight Champion of North America:

NanoVi, Michael Gavronski, Mike Gavronski, Michael "Imagine Me" Gavronski, Imagine Me, Boxing, Super Middleweight Champion, recovery, Nike, Bulletproof Labs, Nike Training camp, Eng3, biohacking, biohack, Nike Just Do It HQ, Upgrade Labs, boxer, North American Boxing

“I use the NanoVi to feel better mentally and physically. It is one of the most miraculous machines that I’ve had the pleasure of using. I recommending it for every athlete and also every workout facility. It is the best way to recover and repair. I highly recommend it.”

NanoVi is the future of recovery, and we’re grateful to Nike and Upgrade Labs for including us in their training camp. We hope to show a wide range of athletes, both professional and otherwise, how our technology can help you become stronger and more resilient.

Nike Just Do It HQ, Just Do It HQ, Just Do It, Nike, Eng3, NanoVi, Upgrade Labs, biohack, recovery

Athletes sign up for a summer of high performance at Just Do It HQ

Nike Just Do It HQ dates: 6/21/18 – 8/21/18

How to attend: Just sign up at Just Do It HQ. Anyone is welcome.

Try NanoVi: Find a NanoVi near you, or get your own personal device.

And if you go to the Nike training camp, be sure to give NanoVi a try. You’ll find it in the Recovery area.

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Hans explores the topic of EZ-Water with Boomer Anderson on the Decoding Superhuman Podcast

Boomer’s interview with Hans focused on how oxidative stress damage is mitigated by Exclusion Zone Water (EZ-Water), also known as the Fourth Phase of Water or ordered water. Their discussions ranged from the uses of the NanoVi to Eng3’s relationship with Dr. Pollack, to the discovery of EZ or ‘ordered’ water. Listen to the podcast through our IG url and visit decodingsuperhuman.com to learn about new and cutting-edge technology so you too can work towards becoming superhuman.

This podcast is part of a site that Boomer also runs, Decoding Superhuman, a site dedicated to using epigenetics and a systems approach to create individualized health plans. This is accomplished by looking at all aspects of a person’s health, their sleep, stress, environment, and more, and then tailoring their lifestyle to their genetic code, avoiding foods that will cause discomfort, and adopting activities, such as meditation and exercise, that will lead to positive gene expression. Such lifestyle optimizations lead to improved health and higher performance.

In addition to providing insightful podcasts, Boomer is a health consultant and specialist in epigenetics. His consultancy, Decoding Superhuman, was formed last year and takes a systems approach. Genetics and epigenetics are used to identify opportunities for improved health and performance. His podcast is designed for high performing working professionals who often struggle with stress, focus, and sleep. Each week, Boomer Anderson interviews experts on various health topics. He seeks out the best tools, technologies, tips, and techniques to help his listeners improve performance in work and life. The NanoVi device fits right in with what Boomer is trying to accomplish through Decoding Superhuman.

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