Jiangsu International Cooperation Center for Science and Technology

Oxidative Stress Damage

November 3rd, 2016, Nanjing, China

Hans Eng presenting to Nanjing Shidong Technologies and the Chinese Medical Community

Eng3 was invited to present NanoVi™ technology, and to discuss oxidative stress damage at the China (Jiangsu) International Cooperation Center for Science and Technology (JISTC). The meeting was chaired by Dr. Aimin Zhu, CEO of China Nanjing Shidong Technologies.

Hans Eng, CEO of Eng3, presented the scientific foundation of NanoVi™ technology to members of the Nanjing medical community. Hans explained how the NanoVi™ delivers the bio-identical signal, and the NanoVi’s resulting influence on cellular activities, and oxidative stress damage. The audience, made up of doctors and others in Nanjing’s medical community, engaged in an extensive question and answer session after Hans’ presentation. The discussion focused primarily on reducing oxidative stress damage. Chinese doctors, like their Western counterparts, recognize how oxidative stress erodes health and accelerates the aging process. The fact that NanoVi™ has no contraindications was of particular interest because the standard practices of Chinese doctors may include both oriental medicine and pharmaceutical drugs.

Adam Zhang, CEO of JISTC presented Hans Eng and Rowena Gates with gifts at the end of the meeting.

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