Eng3 will provide sessions on the NanoVi™ device at the Paleo f(x) conference, it is a perfect complement to holistic approaches to nutrition, health, wellness and performance.

Paleo f(x) is a conference dedicated to holistic wellness and the paleo lifestyle, a lifestyle whose goal is to return us to the way our ancestors lived. Partly this is accomplished through diet, focusing on eating the sorts of foods our ancestors would have eaten before the agricultural revolution. Foods such as grass-fed meat, non-starchy vegetables, and a moderate amount of fruit; while avoiding grains, dairy, and processed foods. The paleo lifestyle also involves being more active throughout the day, getting more sleep, avoiding the use of computer or phone screens at night, and finding a group that can serve as a “tribe”, such as a martial arts group or a small gym to build community through shared desire for improvement. Living the Paleo lifestyle improves overall health and can help to alleviate the stresses and pressures of life in the modern world.

Paleo f(x) was started to provide a gathering place for holistic wellness experts and paleo practitioners to share and disseminate ideas for improving health and wellness. Presenters at Paleo f(x) who are already benefiting from NanoVi, include Ben Greenfield, a renowned fitness coach, author, and biohacker, Joseph Mercola, a physician and long-time wholistic wellness advocate, and Luke Storey, a lifestyle design coach, podcase host, entrepreneur.

Ben Greenfield, holistic wellness, biohacking, Paleo f(x), Paleo, Keto, Paleo Lifestyle, biohack, NanoVi, Eng3Ben Greenfield is a 12- time Ironman triathlete, a New York Times Bestselling author, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s 2013 and 2014 Personal Trainer of the Year. He is also a big advocate of NanoVi. Ben has been using the NanoVi for months to help support his lifestyle, which consists of bowhunting for food near his home in Spokane and running his podcast, Bengreenfieldfitness, which recently featured the NanoVi device in an interview with Eng3 founder, Hans Eng.

Dr. Mercola, Jospeh Mercola, Mercola.com, Natural Health, holistic health, NanoVi, Eng3, Paleo f(x), Paleo, KetoJoseph Mercola has been a natural health advocate for decades, and his website has been the most visited natural health site for the past 12 years. Dr. Mercola is dedicated to disseminating natural health solutions and medical knowledge. He is a New York Times bestselling author, and an advocate for holistic wellness.

Luke Storey, Paleo f(x), Paleo, Keto, Paleo Lifestyle, NanoVi, Eng3, Holistic WellnessAlso speaking at Paleo f(x) will be Luke Storey, a former Hollywood Celebrity Fashion Stylist, who has spent the past 20 years designing the ultimate lifestyle, using himself as a testbed for lifestyle experiments and biohacks; of which the NanoVi is one, one that he has come out of his experiments recommending. Luke Storey is also a podcaster, and can be found hosting The Life Stylist Podcast.

If you plan to attend Paleo f(x) and are interested in holistic wellness and accelerating the benefits of your paleo lifestyle, be sure to visit Eng3 at booth #50 in the Paleo f(x) exhibition.

Austin, Texas, Paleo f(x), Paleo, Keto, NanoVi, Eng3, holistic wellness
The Paleo f(x) conference will be held in Austin Texas, from April 27th to April 29th, find us there!

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David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Longevity Now conference will feature many outstanding speakers advocating natural approaches to health and longevity (as well as sessions on the NanoVi device)

Eng 3 will be attending David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Longevity Now conference this April. Founded by Wolfe almost a decade ago, Longevity Now is dedicated to bringing together a plethora of specialists in the fields of natural and alternative healthcare, to share and disseminate their ideas for living life to the fullest. The invitation to demonstrate the NanoVi device, amongst a hand-picked group of exhibitors, means conference attendees can get a mental and physical boost with a free NanoVi session.

David David “Avocado” Wolfe is one of the world’s foremost speakers on health and longevity and is driven to make everyday “the best day ever”. He believes this day can be found through the use of superfoods, superherbs, living sustainably, and spending time in nature. In pursuit of his mission, David has hosted over 3,000 live events, and visited 29 countries. He is also the founder of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, a charity dedicated to combating climate change and alleviating hunger by planting 18 billion fruit trees across the globe. Naturally, he will be presenting at the Longevity Now conference. He’ll also be found playing the drums during the conference’s dance party Saturday night.

Nadine Artemis, Eng3, NanoVi, Biohack, Longevity Now, David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Longevity Now conferenceAmong the speakers at the Longevity Now is Nadine Artemis, a keen NanoVi advocate. Nadine is an aromacologist who uses her gift of synesthesia to create essential oils and serums to enhance the immune system and promote healthy living. Nadine Artemis and her partner created a wonderful line of natural products under the brand of livinglibations and she is the author of the highly aclaimed book Renegade Beauty. She and her work have received glowing reviews from the Hollywood Reporter, the New York Times, Vogue, and the National post. She has also appeared on several television and radio shows, and is a frequent speaker at wellness conferences such as Longevity Now.

Some good news for those who aren’t able to attend the Longevity Now conference. NanoVi user Luke Storey will be running the conference’s official podcast. With Luke helming the podcast, you’ll barely realize that you aren’t physically there!

Remember to look for Eng3 among these luminaries at the Longevity Now conference from April 6th-8th in Anaheim California!

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NanoVi™ featured on the Bengreenfieldfitness biohacking podcast

Ben Greenfield recently interviewed Hans Eng about biohacking with the NanoVi. He’s been using the NanoVi for many months now, and decided to devote a podcast to discussing the workings of the NanoVi.


-How Hans, as a biophysicist, developed a particular interest in repairing DNA damage…[8:40]

-How your DNA becomes damaged over 700,000 times per day…[16:05]

-Whether there is evidence that it can be repaired and if so, what is the mechanism for that…[20:12]

-The difference between good and bad reactive oxygen species (ROS’s) and how this relates to DNA repair…[22:50]

-How Hans came up with the idea of this crazy contraption that now sits at my desk and that I use every single day…[29:40]

-The electromagnetic wave the NanoVi is exposing to the water that would assist with DNA repair…[30:20]

-The effects of the production of specific electromagnetic waves on physical performance…[42:05]

-How it should be timed for exercise (and whether it can be used during exercise)…[44:10]

-How the NanoVi compares to oxygen, exercise with oxygen therapy, hyperbaric oxygen and antioxidant therapies…[46:30 & 49:40]

-How long to use the NanoVi and whether it can be used every day…[53:00]

Ben is an extraordinary individual, endurance athlete, and elite trainer, recognized as one of the worlds Top 100 most influential people in health and fitness.

“For the past four months, I’d been breathing air from a special device on my desk – a device called a “NanoVi“. It gives me a clear head, better workouts and more focus – but the effects go deep, deep into the body and actually cause repair.”
-Ben Greenfield, Elite Trainer

Ben Greenfield has proven himself as an endurance athlete, having completed 12 Ironman triathlons and winning a gold medal for the USA in long course triathlon. Physical achievements aren’t the only ones Ben has attained. He’s also a New York Times bestselling author, and has written 13 books, all while serving as an elite trainer for the world’s top CEOs, biohackers, and athletes. Additionally, Men’s Health featured him in a video showing him self-administering stem cells. No question that Ben Greenfield is a dedicated biohacker. He is a featured speaker at the Paleo Conference next month, and we look forward to seeing him there. Eng3 will have a booth and offer NanoVi sessions.

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How can you Biohack Weight Loss? NanoVi™ Helps you Attain and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Why does a NanoVi™ Endorsement from Endurance Athlete Andrei Rosu Mean so Much?

J2 Racing’s mission to improve their racing performance by combining biohacking with car racing has turned into a passionate pursuit of overall wellness and longevity, so NanoVi™ fits perfectly into their agenda.

Eng3 applauds J2 Racing’s decisions to combine the NanoVi™ and biohacking with car racing to improve their performance. Thanks to an introduction from Ben Greenfield the team learned about the benefits of NanoVi for recovery and added it to their regime. J2 Racing is a private team racing in the Porsche Cup2 class in their Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car. They are the only American team competing in the German dominated VLN series, and the ADAC 24-hour Nürburgring, an endurance race of an epic proportions.

Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car, John Shoffner, J2 Racing, NanoVi, Biohack, VLN series, 24-hour Nürburgring, Janine Hill, Arno Klasen

The J2 Racing team of John Shoffner, Janine Hill, and Arno Klasen, with a NanoVi™ on their Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car

The racetrack for both the VNL and 24-hour race is the Nürburgring. The circuit is just over 16 miles long. It is the longest racetrack in the world, and generally considered the most challenging. On March 24th, J2 Racing will begin their 5th VLN series racing season. J2 Racing had a fabulous 2017 season, with 2 wins, 9 podium finishes, and second place overall in the class championship. With the aid of the NanoVi™ device, they hope that the 2018 season will be even better. The racing season is comprised of eight 4-hour races, and one 6-hour race over the course of 7 months, plus the ADAC 24-hour Nürburgring race in May. Over 500,000 viewers watch livestreams of each race, with over 20,000 spectators in attendance. The epic and famous 24-hour Nürburgring race has nearly 300,000 in attendance.

For Nürburgring events, J2 Racing uses three to four drivers, each typically running an hour to an hour and fifteen-minute stint. They refuel, get fresh tires, and new driver before going out again. According to team member, John Shoffner, drivers prepare themselves mentally and physically to peak at the moment of going to the car. With 200 other cars on the track at the same time, the competition is intense, and the drivers need to be as well tuned as their cars. This is where combining the NanoVi™ Device and biohacking with car racing come in. J2 Racing started using the NanoVi™ device before going to Germany, to help them reach the level of performance required to not only finish, but to make it to the podium at the Nürburgring.

“We have already fully integrated the NanoVi™ into our daily US routine. It is a very nice piece of equipment and the build quality is quite impressive. We look forward to taking it to Germany for the season and expanding its use among other team members.”
-John Shoffner, J2 Racing

The Nürburgring is located in the Eifel mountains of Western Germany, near the medieval town of Nürburg and encircles a castle of the same name. First opened in 1927, the Nürburgring has played host to races for nearly a century. Over the years the Nürburgring has undergone multiple revisions. The North loop has remained mostly the same as its 1927 version, with a few turns added in, but the southern portion of the track has changed significantly. The original South loop has been replaced by a Formula-1 racing track, which connects to the North loop. The full racetrack during the VLN series and the ADAC 24-hour Nürburgring comprises both tracks. The notorious difficulty of the track has earned it the nickname “The Green Hell”. The track winds through the picturesque Eifel mountains, and passes the towns of Quiddelbach, Adenau, Döttingen, and the eponymous Nürburg, who’s ancient castle overlooks the starting line of the racetrack. No wonder John Shoffner and the J2 team are so committed to racing on the Nürburgring.

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John Shoffner, J2 Racing, NanoVi™, Biohack, VLN series, 24-hour Nürburgring, Combining Biohacking with car racing

The NanoVi™, the newest item in J2’s biohacking arsenal

Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car, John Shoffner, J2 Racing, NanoVi™, Biohack, VLN series, 24-hour Nürburgring, Janine Hill, Arno Klasen, Combining Biohacking with car racing

J2 Racing’s Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car

Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car, John Shoffner, J2 Racing, NanoVi™, Biohack, VLN series, 24-hour Nürburgring, Janine Hill, Arno Klasen, Combining Biohacking with car racing

The Caracciola Karussell of the Nürburgring

Stem cell treatments are administered by medical professionals, with the exception of Ben Greenfield who is biohacking with stem cells

Great to see Ben Greenfield featured in a Men’s Health video. He is using stem cells – by that I mean he himself is injecting them to biohack his health. While Eng3 would never advocate injecting your own stem cells, we are thrilled to catch a glimpse of the NanoVi™ device in several places in the video. Before you get too excited, please know that it is not exactly a cameo appearance for NanoVi although you can see it in the image below. But the important thing is that Ben is a dedicated NanoVi user and it is a big advantage for biohacking with stem cells.

Ben Greenfield, Men's Health, Biohacking, NanoVi™

Stem cell doctors (the folks who normally administer the treatment) report that they get much better results when they both pretreat and post treat with NanoVi. The combined results are outstanding and an excellent way to get every advantage from a stem cell treatment. In fact, one Ph.D. Neurobiologist believes that stem cell recruitment is the reason that NanoVi technology accomplishes the many wellness effects seen in the independent studies, physician’s reports, and patient testimonials. Not just a great biohack, NanoVi is part of the protocol for many leading stem cell doctors. Credit goes to Ben Greenfield for combining stem cells with NanoVi, he is onto a good thing.

Because of the ‘NanoVi bump’ for stem cells, Eng3 was invited to demonstrate the technology to stem cell doctors at a regenerative medicine conference in the Bahamas. Associated with the conference was a tour of an advance stem cell clinic. The images on the right show an operating room used for cardiac stem cell procedures. Of course, biohackers like Ben Greenfield wouldn’t need this kind of stem cell intervention. Cardiac procedures are aimed at repairing the heart while the whole point of biohacking is to stay healthy to avoid such problems. While the Men’s Health video shows it is possible, it is unlikely that people will be self-administering when biohacking with stem cells.

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NanoVi™, Ben Greenfield, Biohack, Biohacking with Stem Cells, Stem Cells

Ben using the NanoVi™ to biohack during his training

Advanced Stem Cell Clinic, Biohack, Stem Cells, NanoVi™

Advanced stem cell clinic – Bahamas

How do I Biohack weight loss you may ask? it is not just a matter of pounds, success also means increasing lean muscle mass, eliminating toxins, and reducing inflammation

Fortunately, we have moved well beyond the idea that weight gain or obesity is simply a matter of self-control, diet, and exercise – with the occasional person who could point to hormone issues as the source of the problem. We now acknowledge that a whole host of complex factors come into play. Some of the main challenges of weight loss, as well as the rational for using NanoVi™ to address them, are outlined in more detail. Topics include oxidative stress and inflammation, toxicity and detoxification, the health of the gut, energy levels, and the roll of antioxidants. Click below for the full post on how to biohack weight loss.

Read Post

January 22, 2018

Leading Muscle Expert Ben Pakulski interviews Hans Eng & Rowena Gates about the NanoVi™ and its role in mitigating oxidative stress and improving recovery

In his Muscle Expert Podcast, Ben focuses on performance and recovery hacks for muscle building and performance. He is a champion bodybuilder who offers the #1 selling program for muscle gain. NanoVi™ fits perfectly with Ben’s approach:

“The smarter bodybuilders, like myself, focus on how to optimize recovery: short term and long term. This is the limiting factor to muscle growth! The faster you can recover, the more time you spend being anabolic (growing). Improve your capacity to recover faster and you can train again sooner to stimulate more new growth.”
-Ben Pakulski

According to Ben Pakulski, recovery is key. This is why one of the world’s top authorities on muscle building is introducing the NanoVi™ device to body builders. In this Muscle Expert Podcasts, Ben takes a deep dive into recovery and mitigating oxidative stress with NanoVi, enjoy:

Ben Pakulski, Muscle Podcast, NanoVi™, EZ-Water, Protein Folding

More about Ben Pakulski

Ben is a professional bodybuilder, author, public speaker, nutrition coach, celebrity trainer and success coach. He is a top authority on muscle building and fat loss and is passionate about helping others improve their lives. As a health and finest expert, he focuses on optimizing both mental and physical health.

Ben Pakulski is known for taking a deep dive with experts in health optimization (nutrition, hormones, sleep mindfulness and mind set), both physical and mental strength, and muscle hypertrophy. While Ben’s audience is primarily men, his knowledge and insight is beneficial to any trainee who wants to push their performance to the next level – both in the gym and in life. Ben is also the creator of the best-selling MI40 brand of intelligent muscle building programs.

As a foundation for all of this, Ben Pakulski studied kinesiology and biomechanics and earned his degree at the University of Western Ontario. His understanding of muscle movement and function are key to his success as a professional body builder.

You may also be interested in the Bulletproof Radio Podcast where Dave Asprey interviewed Hans Eng and Rowena Gates:

Hans Eng and Dave Asprey discuss the important role of EZ-Water in Cellular Health

Muscle Expert Podcast, NanoVi™ Technology, Ben Pakulski interview with Hans Eng & Rowena Gates, Mitigating Oxidative Stress

Ben Pakulski, Muscle Expert, Body Builder, Mitigating Oxidative Stress

Hans Eng presents the NanoVi™ device at the Conquering Chronic Diseases Conference and discusses issues related to Oxidative Stress and HRV testing.

ACIM’s (The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine) mission is disseminate integrative practices and knowledge to as large an audience as possible and to shift the healthcare paradigm towards wellness by creating a global WellnessCare community. In order to fulfil this mission ACIM runs online classes for medical professionals in multiple languages and hosts the Conquering Chronic Diseases Conference. This conference brings together all kinds of doctors from across the United States and far away as India. This year’s conference took place November 2nd-4th in Orlando, Florida. The conference was aimed at addressing chronic diseases and their causes.

Both the NanoVi device and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) testing were available to attendees in the expo portion of the conference. HRV testing was done by the North American distributor of ANS Analysis, a leading HRV technology company. Before and after HRV testing is a great way to show the impact of NanoVi.

Conquering Chronic Diseases Conference, Chronic Disease, NanoVi, Biohack, ACIM, Doctor Paula Strait, Paula Strait, Hans Eng, Eng3, HRV, Heart Rate Variability, Oxidative Stress

Hans Eng and Paula Strait presenting to ACIM conference

Presenting with Hans Eng was Doctor Paula Strait, an osteopathic medical doctor with over 40 years of experience in prevention and healing. She runs Simple Medicine, a program dedicated to sustainably growing healthy families through lower prices, early diagnosis, prevention, and healing. Her treatments include the use of the NanoVi device, in order to address issues related to oxidative stress. Together she and Hans held a talk, Bio-identical Signaling Therapy in the Management of Chronic Disease.

The NanoVI device, which is used to reduce oxidative stress damage, was offered with HRV testing at the Eng3 booth. The NanoVi fits right into the Conquering Chronic Diseases Conference, as too much oxidative stress damage and the inability of the body to mitigate the damage, underlie the development and persistence of chronic diseases.

The Cardiologist behind ACIM is Lee Cowdan who has a long history of introducing integrative solutions to the medical community. Also in attendance at the conference was Doctor Joseph Mercola who is a leading natural health advocate. In his presentation, Dr. Mercola discussed topics from his latest New York Times bestselling book, Fat for Fuel, and how it relates to the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. Both Dr. Cowdan and Dr. Mercola will speak at the Lyme Light conference in May 4th-6th where Eng3 will exhibit. It will be good to see them there. Eng3 will also demonstrate NanoVi technology at Longevity Now from April 6th-8th in Anaheim, California and at Paleo f(x) from April 26th-28th in Austin, Texas where we will once more cross paths with Dr. Mercola who is a featured speaker. Dr, Mercola has asked to speak with Hans and feature the NanoVi in an upcoming interview. We will keep you posted.

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October 25, 2017

Dr. Gerald Pollack, Dr. Vladimir Voeikov and other thought leaders present leading research in Sofia, Bulgaria

Hans Eng is currently attending the 12th annual Water Conference for the second year. Hans will speak on bio-identical signaling technology, October 26 at 4:00. You will find Eng3 in the technology section of the exhibition. The technology exhibition is new in 2017 and the NanoVi™ device is available for demonstrations.

The conference was started in 2005 by Dr. Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington. Dr. Pollack has brought exclusion zone water to the forefront and is the author of The Fourth Phase of Water. The fourth phase of water is another term for exclusion zone (EZ) water. The goal of the conference is to promote and share technology and findings on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of water.
Dr. Gerald Pollack

Sofia is a great site for the conference given Bulgaria’s reputation as a country full of healing waters, playing host to over 200 mineral springs, three of which can be found in Sofia itself.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, Water Conference, NanoVi

Sophia Bulgaria, site of the 2017 Water Conference started by Dr. Gerald Pollack

The Water Conference brings together scientists from all over the world who are interested in exclusion zone water (EZ water). The conference hosts numerous prominent speakers, three of which are introduced below:

Luc Montagnier is a French Virologist and the winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his discovery of HIV in 1982. Lately he has been conducting research on the effect of electromagnetic signals from DNA in water.
Luc Montagnier

Vladimir Voeikov is a highly regarded professor at Moscow State University in Russia. His major research interests are energy metabolism, electron transport, cell respiration, free radical’s role in bioenergetics and he is an expert in the research of water. Like Dr. Pollack, Dr. Voeikov has made extensive contributions to the understanding of EZ water.
Vladimir Voeikov

Dr. Won H. Kim is a professor at Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine in Korea. His Ph.D is in Biochemistry from Oxford University. His research focus is in orthodox Biochemistry related protein structure and gene control. Currently focusing on energy medicine and water science. Dr. Kim has authored many books and invented revolutionary items utilizing inherent 3D wave of matter.
Dr. Won H. Kim

If you are in attendance, remember to look for Eng3 in the tech section of the conference!

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Vladimir Voeikov, Gerald Pollack, Nikolai Bunkin, and Hans Eng at last years Water Conference

October 23, 2017

A Visit to Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Biohacking Lab

It was great to be at the October 11th launch of Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica. Earlier this summer, we were lucky to visit Dave Asprey at his Lab on Vancouver Island. After thinking about that visit, its still hard to say what is the coolest thing in Dave’s lab. By far it is Dave Asprey himself, but technically he doesn’t qualify as a ‘thing’. Regardless, we’ll acknowledge him for the ideal combination of a super sharp mind, great personality, and passion for health and biohacking.

Dave Asprey, Biohacking, Bulletproof, NanoVi

Dave Asprey discussing NanoVi while using it

Of course, we should say the coolest thing in the lab is our NanoVi™ device (because it is), but we already knew how great it was before visiting Bulletproof Lab. In a literal sense, there’s no question that Cryo Therapy was the coolest, with a 2-minute session dipping as low as 260 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit of course, since I survived and felt great).

CryoTherapy, Biohacking, Bulletproof, Dave Asprey Lab

Near the end of a Cryo Therapy session, I’m still smiling

The most fun device was a ping pong ball machine that helps develop mental and physical agility. It was set at a slow pace, but I still launched balls all over one end of the lab (and yes, there was a safety net but it was a bit low for my skill level). Seems like a good way to improve agility and have fun at the same time.

Biohacking, Hans Eng, Bulletproof Lab

Hans Eng on the ping pong agility development device

I was much better at adaptation-based physical conditioning where you simply sit in a pod. It is sealed and my only job was to make sure the pressure didn’t build up in my ears. The dynamic changes in pressure provide the benefits of exercise without physical exertion or a chance of injury.Definitely an interesting experience that any biohacker would appreciate.

Bulletproof Labs, Adaptation-Based Conditioning, Biohacking, Rowena Gates

Adaption-based conditioning, clearing my ears

Adaptive resistance was a beast that is always stronger than the person using it. It shows the score which brought out my competitive streak and the urge to improve on past performance. The end result was some sore muscles – it won. Another device I tried involved working out on a recumbent bike while compression and cooling are applied through cuffs on the arms and thighs, and along the back. I was impressed by how much I liked the cooling and compression while exercising.

Biohacking, Compression and Cooling, Bulletproof Lab

Compression and cooling through cuffs on the arms and legs

These are just a few examples of the innovative devices in Dave Asprey’s lab. There were lots of other technologies, some that we tried and many that we didn’t have time for. I suspect they must all be pretty cool or they wouldn’t be in Dave’s biohacking lab. NanoVi fits right in because it complements the other devices. Regardless of whether the goal is physical ability, mental performance, balancing the system or restoring it, NanoVi can improve the outcome by amping up cellular function. Dave’s Bulletproof lab is a perfect showcase for biohacking with NanoVi and we are grateful for the chance to visit. I was happy to see the Bulletproof folks picked these technologies, and of course NanoVi™,for Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica – more on that later.

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Many cool devices including the NanoVi™ are implemented in Bulletproof Labs

Included in the Bulletproof Labs section at the 5th Annual Bulletproof Biohacking Conference