Hans Eng spoke about how the NanoVi™ contributes to cellular function at Flowfest in Munich

At Flowfest, Hans had the honor of getting to know inspiring people from all over Europe and beyond. There is a great energy that comes from bringing together technical people, thought leaders, wellness practitioners, and all kinds of people who dream of a better future for themselves, the planet, and humanity.


Many of the world’s leading specialists on the influence that light, water and electromagnetism have on humans came together at Flowfest in Munich. Hans Eng spoke about water and its important role in protein folding and cellular function and how NanoVi technology contributes to it. Hans’ presentation was in German, at the organizer’s request, so we will not republish it here. Regardless of language, Flowfest was a great opportunity to meet with other scientists and engineers interested in improving wellness and performance with approaches that embrace the way the body works, rather than overriding it.

Flowfest, Flowgrade, Max GotzlerThe person behind Flowfest and Flowgrade is Max Gotzler. He is an author, speaker and host of a podcast related to achieving a state of flow. When in flow, people perform their best. They have just the right combination of tension and relaxation to present the best version of themselves. Max Gotzler is widely recognized as a thought leader and teacher for achieving the flow state. Max interviewed Hans Eng about the NanoVi on his podcast some time ago. Like the Flowfest presentation, it was in German.

Boomer Anderson is another influential biohacker who spoke at Flowfest. His podcast Decoding Superhuman focuses on sustainable high-performance and has a wide reach. Boomer did a podcast with Hans in English, early in his Decoding Superhuman series. Recently, Boomer has interviewed another Flowfest participant and biohacking leader, Tim Gray, on his Decoding Superhuman podcast. Tim Gray is the moving force behind the 2019 Health Optimization Summit in London. Flowfest provided the perfect platform for Tim and Hans to share insights into optimizing health and performance. Hans also had the chance to reconnect with Corinna Maier who invited Hans to present in the Self-Optimization Summit she organized earlier this year. Flowfest is definitely a premier European event for re-establishing old connections and making new ones.

Biosa, Eng3’s German distributor exhibited at Flowfest and gave participants lots of opportunities to try the NanoVi device. A range of biohacking exhibitors rounded out the event. Congratulations to Max Gotzler for the success of Flowfest 2019, we look forward to another great meeting next year.

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How does the NanoVi™ use EZ-Water to assist in Cell Repair?

Not really. We are so grateful to each of them for going on the record about the benefits of their NanoVi Exo devices.

In the video below you see talking heads for only a few seconds, then you can enjoy what Matt Boyd, Shane Greene, John Shoffner, and Janine Hill have to say about using the NanoVi device for recovery, physical and mental performance.

Both Matt Boyd and Shane Greene are major league pitchers facing a long and intense baseball season. This video reflects only a small amount of the footage they shot with us at spring training earlier this year. Their contributions are much appreciated. It is especially exciting to see how both Shane and Matt are making headlines in 2019. As a ‘closer’ Shane faces extra pressure with no room for errors in the last inning(s) of the game. He has clearly figured out a winning formula, coming on the field strong and focused (and winning) day after day. Matt is a starting pitcher who must stay strong and focused for up to 100 pitches. He does it all, multiple pitches and lots of speed make him a strikeout master. Matt Boyd and Shane Green’s talent, dedication, and focus make them top performers and we are delighted to have NanoVi help them out on the repair and regeneration side of things.

John Shoffner and Janine Hill of J2 racing are equally impressive. Racing at the top level on the Nürburgring (considered the toughest track in the world) is remarkable in its own right. Then factor in that John and Janine have been driving for only 6 years and race against drivers half, even one third, of their age – these two scream “high performance” by anyone’s standards. The mental concentration required by endurance race car drivers rivals any executive function. They make a life-important decision every 1 to 1.5 seconds and maintain that level of focus for an hour or more at a time. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to visit John Shoffner and Janine Hill in Germany for the unveiling of their new AMG Mercedes cars. We are happy to see the Eng3 logo on their cars and will be cheering for J2 all season. They have already posted one win, shown in the video, so they are off to an excellent start.

Video Transcript;

Rowena Gates:
My name’s Rowena Gates and I’m a partner at Eng3 Corporation, with Hans Eng. The NanoVi device works by influencing cellular water and we do this in order to support protein activity. And in the body, it is the proteins that do all the work and all of the repair of damage.
Hans Eng:
NanoVi is great for performance recover because it is designed to repair and to regenerate damages. Faster regeneration, faster recovery, faster bouncing back and being back in the game.
Matthew Boyd:
So, I started using the NanoVi at Athletic Training Institute after a bone chip removal as well as a microfracture surgery that I had. The machine was in there, I started using it as part of my recovery protocol and I recovered from that in half the time. Actually, I have been very fortunate in that I have never been on the disabled list and haven’t missed any time due to injuries. I am very grateful for that. It has to do with my recovery, the way I recover and the way I train. Part of the way I recover is the NanoVi machine and it is a huge reason why I have been able to be on the field day in and day out and compete.
Matthew Boyd:
For those athletes out there, who want to take their game to the next level, it’s great for recovery, it’s great for rehabbing and it is great for just feeling good day in and day out without the general fatigue that comes with a season and performing every single day.
Rowena Gates:
It optimizes performance, both mental and physical, it improves wellness and the overall sense of health and vitality.
Janine Hill:
My name is Janine Hill, I race for J2 Racing AMG Mercedes, SP9 Class VLN series in Germany. The NanoVi helps us stay on track, sharp minds, sharp bodies.
John Shoffner:
It’s simply a physiological fact that the harder you work, the harder you train, the more stress you put yourself under – which is a result of that – the more potential damage that’s created and you simply must have a mechanism to protect yourself from that and to drive regeneration and repair and the NanoVi absolutely does that.
Shane Greene:
So I found out about the NanoVi from a couple teammates, Matthew Boyd and Nicholas Castellanos, I know Boyd’s been using it for a few years now and he’s pretty religious with it, tells everybody about it. He basically forced me to come to his hotel room one night to use it and I used it and I slept like a baby and I woke up the next morning feeling like a million bucks. I love this thing, it’s the only thing in the world I bring with me everywhere I go, well besides my toothbrush.

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The NanoVi™ is a favored biohacking tool of many of the speakers at the upcoming Paleo f(x) convention.

Eng3 will be attending Paleo f(x) for the second time next weekend. Paleo f(x) is a gathering of adherents of ancestral health, keto, functional medicine, and of course, Paleo. The three-day event is packed to the brim with speakers, including several NanoVi™ fans and friends of Eng3.

Paleo f(x), Ben GreenfieldOn Sunday, Ben Greenfield will be giving a talk called “Why You Don’t Need to Die When You’re Seventy”, which shares longevity techniques stemming from ancestral living and modern science that Ben Greenfield has personally tried. The talk is intended to provide the listeners with tactics they can implement in their daily life without wading through the thousands of pages of anti-aging advice that can be found online.


Paleo f(x), Dr. Daniel PompaDr. Daniel Pompa is participating in two panels of six speakers as well as giving his own talk. His first panel, on Friday, is titled “The Fix for Female Hormones Panel”, which looks at ways for women to use hormones to fight against fatigue. His Saturday panel is “The Biomarkers of Health, Wellness, and Optimization”, which discusses ways to assess your current level of health, so you can make a plan to lead yourself into the future. Dr. Pompa’s talk, also on Saturday, aims at ways women can use low carb diets to address the challenges of perimenopause, as well as thyroid and adrenal issues.


Dave Asprey, Paleo f(x) Dave Asprey will be speaking Friday morning about ways in which Paleo diets can be unknowingly derailed in his talk “When Wrong Animal Protein Breaks Paleo”. Immediately afterwards, he will be participating in a five-person panel of biohackers, who will be discussing the latest biohacking trends, and whether the rise in biohacking’s popularity is indicative of deeper issues with our species.


Paleo f(x) will be held from April 26th-28th at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, Texas. Registration is still open, and attendees will not only have access to the convention’s full lineup of speakers, but will also have the opportunity to test the NanoVi™, as well as other devices, on the exhibition floor.

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Paleo f(x)

Find us next week at Paleo f(x)

An inspired combination of biohackers and technologies like NanoVi is what made the Upgrade Labs 6th Annual Biohacking Conference game changing.

Both the hackers and the biohacks showed up at the Beverly Hilton for the conference. Eng3 staff and several NanoVi Exo™ devices could be found in the Tech Playground of the 6th Annual Biohacking Conference hosted by Upgrade Labs. Many people were able to experience the NanoVi™ and it was great fun to meet biohackers of every flavor from all corners of the planet.

Dr. Pompa was one of our more frequent visitors. He understands that more NanoVi sessions means more repair. Dr. Pompa was a conference speaker focused on cellular healing and detox and gave a great presentation on the role of hormone optimization in losing weight.

Upgrade Labs, UpgradeXP2019, Doctor Pompa, 6th Annual Biohacking Conference

Detox speaker Dr. Daniel Pompa, and Neurofeedback specialist Ciarai Gude, with Rowena Gates

Upgrade Labs was founded by Dave Asprey, who has previously featured NanoVi™ on his Bulletproof radio podcast. Dave, who is seen as the ‘father of biohacking’ was the first to introduce the benefits of NanoVi to the biohacking community.

Dave uses NanoVi, along with all kinds of biohacking technology, ranging from cryotherapy and redcharging to advanced exercise equipment. These technologies are offered with the goal of helping people upgrade themselves by pushing the limits of what it means to be human.

The annual biohacking conference brought together expert and amateur biohackers, allowing attendees to learn the best new technologies and techniques for continuing their journey to a better self. Dave invited great speakers like Jim Kwik, Dr. Barry Morguelan, Dr. Pompa, and Matt Gallant who are also big NanoVi fans. It was great to see everyone at the Upgrades Labs 6th Annual Biohacking Conference.

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Upgrade Labs, UpgradeXP2019, 6th Annual Biohacking Conference

The 6th Annual Upgrade Labs Biohacking Conference was held April 5-7th

Melina Vicario, Rowena Gates, Upgrade Labs, UpgradeXP2019, 6th Annual Biohacking Conference

Rowena laughing with Melina Vicario, after filming NanoVi in her coverage of biohacks for Latin American media.

Upgrade Labs, UpgradeXP2019, 6th Annual Biohacking Conference, Bridget Foreshaw, 40 Years of Zen

Bridget Foreshaw, from 40 Years of Zen visits from a neighboring booth to take in a NanoVi session

If you want to be healthy and optimize your performance (and you speak German), the Selbstoptimierungskongress may be perfect for you

The Selbstoptimierungskongress or Self-Optimization Congress takes place online from April 5th to the 14th. Hans Eng is in among many outstanding speakers, all of them committed to health, wellness, and fitness.

As long as you understand German, the online Self-Optimization Congress provides an opportunity for you to benefit from the wealth of experience of successful professionals. The speakers interviewed are chosen for their ability to help you maximize your life, your performance, and your well-being. 37 self-optimization experts will be on the stage for you! The congress has a multifaceted program, with a focus on biohacking, nutrition, anti-aging and medicine. You may never receive so many skills in such a short time.

The organizer, Corinna Maier, is a licensed rehabilitation trainer who has enriched our knowledge through additional training in sports and fitness, as a certified rehabilitation coach, a fitness trainer A + B, holistic nutritionist as well as advanced training of alternative functional medicine and hormone regulation.

Corinna, has been a health coach for more than 15 years. She is a non-medical practitioner who focuses on detoxification, hormone regulation and optimizing the body. Corinna gets tremendous pleasure from helping people with their health, achieving their dream figure, and maximizing performance. Biohacking is an integral part of her life. She is passionate about helping people function and feel their best, while looking younger.

Through the Online Self-Optimization Congress, she offers a platform that joins many experts the experts around these topics.

Self-Optimization Conference, Selbstopimierungskongeress, Corinna Maier

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Rowena Gates Interviewed on FITx Talks by Ash Ghandehari

Self-Optimization Conference, Selbstopimierungskongeress

The Self-Optimization Congress will be taking place online from April 5th-14th

Hans Eng

Hans Eng spoke about how the NanoVi can be used to help optimize performance

Self-Optimization Congress

A handful of the 36 speakers who will be participating in the Self Optimization Congress

Integrative physicians attending The Forum for Integrative Medicine are some of the longest and strongest advocates of using the NanoVi™ device for repair and regeneration

Forum for Integrative Medicine, TFIM

The NanoVi™ will be demonstrated to a wide range of health practitioners at the 4th annual conference of The Forum for Integrative Medicine. This is a group of health professionals who fully understand the role of oxidative stress in the processes of aging and chronic disease. There is increasing awareness of the role of protein folding in cellular function and a strong interest in supporting the body so it can heal itself. In other words, TFIM is a perfect venue for NanoVi.

Among the many topics of the conference are detoxification and chronic inflammation, NanoVi is widely used in both areas. Improving the body’s inflammatory response is an important general use for NanoVi and a controlled study has verified effectiveness. Practitioners such as Wendy Myers have added the NanoVi to their detoxification protocols due to the excellent support it provides to people recovering from the impact of toxicity. The NanoVi works by supporting protein folding (thus function) so the body can repair and regenerate.

The Forum for Integrative Medicine, or TFIM, was founded by Susan McCamish and Scott Forsgren to provide a space for practitioners from multiple backgrounds to come together and share ideas to advance our understanding of chronic illness and find practical ways to address various conditions.

Susan McCamish, TFIM, The Forum for Integrative MedicineSusan McCamish has spent more than 25 years developing natural herbal remedies to address chronic illnesses and is a Board-Certified Naturopath and Certified Nutritional Consultant.

Scott Forsgren, TFIM, The Forum for Integrative MedicineScott Forsgren is a health coach, blogger, and podcaster, who fought his way back to health after a 20-year struggle with Lyme disease and mold illness. Scott is the cofounder of TFIM and the founder of BetterHealthGuy.com where he aims to help others fight chronic illnesses by sharing his experiences.

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Eng3 Exhibit at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York City

Westin Bellevue, Forum for Integrative Health

The Forum for Integrative Health will be held at the the Westin in Bellevue March 7th-9th

HRV, Heart Rate Variability, Bob Troia, Integrative Health Symposium, Forum for Integrative Health

NanoVi tested with Heart Rate Variability (HRV) at the Integrative Health Symposium

Google’s DeepMind team pops up in the news every couple of years. Each time they do, it’s to announce an impressive new leap in the world of artificial intelligence.

In 2015, DeepMind created an AI program that mastered classic Atari video games like Pong and Space Invaders. Their next program learned Go, the oldest and most complex board game in human history. Go games often last multiple days; DeepMind beat the world Go champion in far less time than that — twice. Next, DeepMind learned chess; it developed the skill of a world grandmaster in only four hours, and has beaten every competitor to-date, human and machine.

Now, Google’s DeepMind is moving away from games and into something far more interesting: protein folding. DeepMind’s latest AI is called AlphaFold. It’s a program that predicts how proteins configure themselves, and how they can be as stable as possible. AlphaFold won a longstanding international competition aimed at using AI to predict how proteins will fold. This information could accelerate medical progress in a way we’ve never seen, because proteins affect pretty much every part of every living system.

protein folding, Google Deepmind, Alphafold, Unfolded Protein, Folded Protein

When proteins fold properly, your body runs like a well-tuned machine. Protein folding affects almost everything. Carefully folded proteins nestle into the ends of your brain cells, grabbing onto chemicals like dopamine and serotonin and using them to dictate how you think and feel. Proteins control your inflammation response, helping you heal from damage without going overboard. As you read these words, proteins are folding together and pulling apart in your ocular muscles, controlling the way your eyes move.

But under stress or with age, protein folding stops working so well. Proteins begin unfolding or misfolding, which leaves them functionally useless, and when too many proteins misfold in a cell, the cell self-destructs. There’s good evidence that misfolding proteins play a major role in aging, as well as in Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer, and a variety of other common diseases. [2]

“We’ve not solved the protein folding problem, this is just a first step. It’s a hugely challenging problem, but we have a good system and we have a ton of ideas we haven’t implemented yet” Demis Hassabis, DeepMind CEO

Learning how proteins are supposed to fold — and how to keep them folding properly — will help scientists address the fundamental health challenges humans face today, and could bring in a golden age of medical progress and expanded human performance. In the coming decade, the DeepMind AlphaFold AI could even help researchers create new and improved proteins that slow aging to a crawl and stop disease in its tracks.

This is particularly exciting for us at Eng3, because the NanoVi works through protein folding. The whole purpose of NanoVi is to support protein folding body-wide, so misfolded or unfolded proteins get the kinetic impulse they need to snap back into the correct folded positions and resume their proper function. Given the potential for improving health by supporting protein folding, it is gratifying to see DeepMind applying some of the world’s most powerful computational ability to better understanding protein folding. The focus on protein folding opens the doors to huge possibilities in recovering and enhancing human health.

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1. Ponomarenko EA, Poverennaya EV, Ilgisonis EV, et al. The Size of the Human Proteome: The Width and Depth. Int J Anl Chem. 2016;2016:7436849.

2. Reynaud, E. (2010) Protein Misfolding and Degenerative Diseases. Nature Education 3(9):28

Google Deepmind, Alphafold, Protein Folding

Having already conquered Space Invaders, Pong, Chess, and Go, Google Deepmind has turned their attention to protein folding

Google Deepmind, Alphafold, Protein Folding, Lee Sedol

DeepMind won the CASP13 protein folding contest in a field of 98 competitors

Google Deepmind, Alphafold, Protein Folding, Lee Sedol

Google Deepmind’s AlphaGo defeating Go master Lee Sedol

Learn about cellular cleanup on the latest episode of FITx Talks with Rowena Gates and Ash Ghandehari

NanoVi™ is featured in FITx Talks ‘The CLEANUP Series’. The series is best described as “10-minute talks to clean up your health, nutrition, environment and live your best life”. Ash Ghandehari created this series to provide rapid fire tips from leading scientists, speakers, and coaches to help us live healthy and get results.

Reminiscent of TedX, FITx talks last only about 10 minutes. What makes the FITx series work so well is that Ash seems to have found the perfect balance between a presentation and an interview. Ash keeps topics relevant and speakers must be concise, so there is a lot of helpful information packed into each FITx talk. Ash interviews Rowena Gates about using the NanoVi™ device for cellular clean up and supporting the detox process. Enjoy Rowena’s conversation and the FITx Talks cleanup series:

It is worthwhile to explore other FITx talks. Health tips and strategies have been delivered by a wide range of guests, all of them specialists in the fields of fitness, wellness, and mindset, and all with the goal of helping you live your best life. There are lots of great FITx Talks available, including one by fellow NanoVi fan, Ben Greenfield.

Ash Ghandehari is remarkable in his own right. He is a motivational speaker and marketing whizz, as well as a dedicated family man and athlete who has completed over 20 marathons and 7 Ironman events. He is the founder of iam365, a nonprofit program to help young people combat obesity by changing their mindset, confidence, and character. Ash founded the company Hyburst, which makes healthy sports drinks that aren’t packed with sugar. He was inspired to create Hyburst during his endurance training as a replacement for less healthy sports drinks. He has hosted FITx Talks to help others enjoy more healthy lives.

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Ash Ghandehari, FITx Talks

FITx talks brings health information to the masses in convenient and easy to understand 10-minute videos

Rowena, Eng3, NanoVi, FITx Talks

Rowena had a blast speaking with Ash during the FITx Talk

Ash Ghandehari, FITx Talks

Ash Ghandehari is not content with merely being an expert athlete, through FITx Talks he gives people the knowledge they need to be fit enough to do what he has done

The Washington life science industry in has enjoyed an impressive evolution and Eng3 has benefited from being part of this technology landscape.

Eng3 is proud to be part of Washington State’s thriving life science industry. Washington has long been known as a national center of science and innovation. In addition to the aerospace and computing industries, Washington is also recognized for advances in health and medicine. It makes history with accomplishments as diverse as the first modern treadmill and bone marrow transplants. The University of Washington has been, and remains, a cornerstone of the region’s innovation. Seattle is recognized for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the oldest cancer prevention program in the US, and Seattle Children’s Hospital, a world-class organization that dates back to 1907. These and a number of other outstanding institutions have set the stage for relative newcomers like the Institute for Systems Biology, and the Allen Institute for Brain Science to make their mark. The combined output of research institutions has fostered innovation in the region for well over 100 years.

Life Science Washington has charted the genealogy of numerous Washington life science technology companies. The green dot on the poster marks Eng3’s position. Eng3 sits alone because it is not a descendant of any of the other organization.

Washington Life Science, Eng3, NanoVi

As indicated in the chart, research centers have served as the foundation for hundreds of Washington life science companies. In the private sector, Washington is home to more than 550 life science technology companies that employ more than 25,000 people – roughly half of them in research and development. While Eng3 is a relatively small player in this scene, we are honored to be part of it and have certainly benefited from the scientific talent in the area.

The work of Gerald Pollack and his team at the University of Washington has been of great value to Eng3. Their research into ordered water, also known as Exclusion Zone (EZ) water, is at the heart of how NanoVi technology works. Ordered water is essential for proper protein folding in cells and thus NanoVi technology.

2018 marks Eng3’s 15th year as a member of the Washington life science technology community. Hans Eng founded Eng3 in 2003 after moving to the United States from Berlin. His years of experience with advanced medical technologies and his background in material sciences allowed Hans to develop NanoVi™ technology, which was released in 2010. His business partner, Rowena Gates, joined Eng3 in 2005. Rowena brought 10 years of experience in Seattle high tech industry to Eng3. Hans, Rowena, and the rest of the team at Eng3 look forward to many more years of helping others through medical technology and contributing to Washington’s life science technology industry.

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University of Washington, Washington Life Science, UW, NanoVi, Eng3

The University of Washington, the beating heart of innovation in Washington State

Seattle Childrens, Washington Life Science, NanoVi, Eng3, Seattle Children's Research Institute

Seattle Children’s helps drive the evolution in Washington’s life science industry and has done so since 1907

Fred Hutch, Washington Life Science, NanoVi, Eng3, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Fred Hutch has been on the frontier of Cancer research for more than 40 years

Wendy covers the basics of detox organs in her article “How NanoVi™ Helps with Detox”

Wendy gave us a concise overview of the detox organs, what they do, and what happens when they are overwhelmed. These days it is pretty easy to overtax your detox system because there is so much exposure to toxins in our daily lives. Toxicity mentioned in the article includes air pollution, heavy metals – often from amalgam fillings, herbicide exposure, and certain types of food and drink. These and other sources can overload the detox organs. Wendy Myers appreciates how the NanoVi device can be used to help counteract the related damage.

Basically, NanoVi helps your detox organs keep up with the stress they take on from processing lots of toxins and makes them more resilient.

Unlike most conversations about detox, Wendy goes to the heart of the matter by discussing how proteins are essential to all of the body’s functions, including detoxification. This is why NanoVi is so helpful. By supporting protein functions, it helps address oxidative damage associated with toxicity and the detoxification process. According to Wendy Myers:

If your liver and kidneys are dealing with lots of toxins, they’re also exposing themselves to a lot of oxidative stress. They produce tons of free radicals, which can cause liver and kidney proteins to unfold. That’s bad news, because your liver and kidneys rely on protein folding to detox properly.

A seemingly endless and unavoidable exposure to toxins can be disconcerting so it is important to remember that our body has an incredible system of organs to process and eliminate toxins. For the most part, the body’s detox organs get the job done and problems only arise when toxicity overloads the system. The NanoVi device is used by individuals and specialists like Wendy Myers to support the detox organs, help the body address toxicity, and promote regeneration when damage has occurred.

detox, wendy myers, chemicals, detox organs, nanovi, eng3

Air pollution is a major source of toxicity that can overload the body’s detox organs

wendy myers, detox, detox organs, nanovi, eng3

Wendy Myers, detox specialist and author of How To Detox With NanoVi